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is DCA still doing curbside baggage check given the covid-19
Hello. Is there any where at DCA where I could print a 3 page document?
Where can i meet Uber or Lyft at the airport
My 85+ year old parents want to fly to see the grand-kids. We get wheelchairs them, but last time my dad flew, he got lost after going to the bathroom and nearly missed the flight (they had to page him). Is there a service I can pay for that could keep them company at the gate until they board?
Will I be able to score my mother to her gate or do you provide assistance to ensure she arrives safely to her gate
I fly on UA 3417 January 10 at 9:45AM. Is it possible for a sky cap with a wheel chair to meet me curbside when I arrive by taxi? I have requested wheel chair service from United. Thank you.
My parent has a wheelchair reservation w/Southwest airlines, but how do I get wheel chair assistance from train to check in at terminal A
How does he or she plan on riding the metro without a wheelchair if he or she needs one to get from the Metro station to Terminal A?
Is there a go express bus that travels from reagan to union station?
No, it would be faster to take the Metro.
My elderly parents (85) who will need wheel chair assistance will be traveling to and from DCA, is it possible for my husband and I to get a pass to go through security and assist them until they board their flight?
No, wheelchair assistance will make sure they make the flight.
My husband and I are flying with JetBlue for the first time - will they have wheelchairs for us to get to security and the gate - we are flying to Ft. Lauderdale on Sunday, February 11, 2018