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My elderly parents (85) who will need wheel chair assistance will be traveling to and from DCA, is it possible for my husband and I to get a pass to go through security and assist them until they board their flight?
No, wheelchair assistance will make sure they make the flight.
My husband and I are flying with JetBlue for the first time - will they have wheelchairs for us to get to security and the gate - we are flying to Ft. Lauderdale on Sunday, February 11, 2018
Need wheelchair assistance when I arrive at airport to get to check-in and gate for Southwest flight. Have requested wheelchair assistance from Southwest, but how do I get a wheelchair to transport me to check-in when I am dropped off from a taxi at the airport.
Need assist with Walking but dont really need wheelchair are Golf Carts Available and how do you get this assistance?
The golf carts are for people with wheelchair assistance. If you can walk, the walk distances at DCA are very short.
Our departure window begins at 4:15 am on Monday May 29. Our car will drop us off with our bags. Will airport personnel push wheelchair to the security checkpoint and to the gate? We're on American Airline flight 1567. If special arrangements are necessary, please provide the phone number. Can our driver park outside at door long enough to bring us in?
Yes, the Wheelchair will take you though security and to the gate. This is not any airport or airline's website. To arrange wheelchair service you need to contact American.
I will surprise a friend he will arrive in terminal C where exactly may I go? He's coming from AMERICAN AIRLINES
You'll have to meet him at the baggage claim or the exit of security. If he doesn't know to look for you I think it's very likely you'll miss him.
How far do I have to walk from AA check-in to Gate 44?
Maybe 5 minutes after you get through security.
Do not want to walk to terminal. Any golf cart transport? Need to depart & arrive American Airlines terminal.
If you are handicapped request wheelchair service by contacting your airline.
We arrive at Terminal C at 855am and our gate closes in terminal B at 927am. Will we be able to make it in time?
No, that's probably not enough time unless your first flight arrives quite a bit early.