Rzeszow-Jasionka ( RCE ) Restaurants & Stores

Rzeszow-Jasionka Bars, Cafes, Restaurants & Stores

1 Minute

1 Minute offers groceries, bread, fruits, juice, sweets. Additionally, you can find here warm snacks and hot drinks, such as coffee or tea.
After Security | Gate/Area: Arrivals

Baltona S.A.

Passengers having boarding card can shop at BALTONA located inside departure waiting room. It offers foodstuffs, alcohols, souvenirs, cosmetics etc.
After Security | Gate/Area: Departures
7:00 - 22:00
Phone: +48 17 77 13 408

Grill and Beer Garden

Opposite to terminal buildings there is a Beer Garden and Grill Bar, which is open during the summer season. It offers a grilled sausages and meats as well as hot and cold drinks, including beer.
After Security | Gate/Area: Arrivals

Mini Bar

Mini Bar is situated inside the departure hall, in sector open for general use. Mini Bar offers a range of warm snacks, hot drinks such as coffee or tea and groceries, bread, fruits, juice, sweets.
After Security | Gate/Area: Departures


Offers a wide range of Polish and international press - daily newspapers and magazines, popular and technical press, as well as other products such as cigarettes, tobacco, phonecards, books, groceries
After Security | Gate/Area: Departures