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What is the quickest and least expensive way to be transported from the Greyhound bus station and the airport?
What is an inexpensive way to get from the Sacramento airport to the Amtrak Station downtown Sacramento? I will have 1 roll aboard suitcase and my briefcase
How much would a shuttle cost from Oakdale, CA to Sacramento airport and back?
Is there an inexpensive shuttle service from airport to Sonora Ca.
When I arrive at the SMF airport, I properly will need to use a cart to load all my luggage. However, I'm not sure if I can push it to the rental area and drop the cart there. Thank you!
How do you get from baggage claim to car rentals? I'm used to the Oakland airport. First time at SMF in along time.
At Sacrament Airport, exit your terminal and take the frequent Rental Car Terminal Shuttle to the Rental Car Terminal located on McNaire Circle, near Air Cargo and Beneto.
Head towards baggage claim and there will be signs pointing you in the direction of the car rental agencies. It is very simple and easy to find! or you can hire your own car rental from TCL