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Do you need a reservation for long term parking
I recently entered the economy lot put in my CC but a ticket didn’t come out
Which parking area do I use for short term parking and how much is the parking per day, can someone email me ASAP Please, I am planning to fly out at 12:40 a.m. to DFW
How is a lost parking ticket handled? Thanks.
When entering the long term lot, no ticket came out of box. It asked for credit card and after inserting, arm opened. Is this something new? Will I've able to get out?
Can I reserve parking? If so, how? Is there a phone number?
How secure is the parking structure at SMF
My daughter is 19 and flying alone for the first time. She is flying American Airlines. Is it easy to park and walk her to the terminal or easier to just drop her off at the terminal? I just want to make sure she gets checked in okay. It seems like a small place so maybe she would be fine checking in herself?
She's an adult. You can check her in online. She will be fine.
Do you know if there is a charge to charge one's electric car at the daily lot. And I understand that the charging stations are in the NE corner on each floor. Would that be on the right hand side of the garage as you enter it? Incidentally, I only need to charge for a short time while I am picking someone up.
I heard there was a hotel near the airport that will allow you to park your car while you are gone if you get a room on one or both ends of your flight. Is that true?
If you look up SMF airport parking you will find a few hotels that offer this service, as well as some that allow you to book just parking if they have room. The shuttle runs once an hour so you have to be very aware of your travel schedule in order to make your flight; sometimes the shuttle is full so make sure to allow for plenty of extra time.