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Stopped at bar to get drinks and food, bartenders too busy talking to each other waited 10 minutes watching them talk and gave up. Only one other person in bar. Not good customer service at ALL!
The California Pizza Kitchen at the Sacramento Airport had terrible service. I ordered my meal and waited about 30 minutes. I enquired of the server about my meal. She had to resubmit my order to the kitchen. When it came out it was not correct. I gave the server a meal voucher with my credit card to pay the difference of the meal after the voucher. When she came back from the cash register, she informed me because the meal was wrong and late she did not charge my credit card. She would take the voucher for the full price of the meal. She not only took my voucher, but she charged my credit card for the full amount of the meal. I tried to contact the restaurant with no success. They do not have a phone number or email address listed. Even when I called directly to the airport and they connected me to the restaurants phone, there was no answer and no voice message available. I was very disappointed that the Sacramento International Airport would allow such an unresponsable restaurant to be allowed to take advantage of passengers.
Salad Works - After Security | Gate/Area: Upper Level Great breakfast and great wraps for lunch. Outstanding staff serving people at 6 am (atleast the day I was there)
on July 16th, I was pulled away from security baggage xray to check on item in suitecase, got distracted n forgot to get my items from tray going throu's a tan scarf/necklace, gift from a family member that means a lot to me.pls let me know if was picked up by mistake. would be very much appreciated. didn't
Try this number for lost items at SMF: (916) 874-0701.
this is the worst choice of food I have ever seen in any airport. Bring the old restaurants over to the new terminal - I refuse to spend 1cent in your airport til things change
I agree - $15 for a mixed drink - really???? $11 for a turkey sandwich - are you kidding me???? A so-called Mexican restaurant with no nachos & $5 tacos???? $16 for seared ahi tuna which is the same price as downtown - who cares???? - can't ever recall seared ahi tuna being a must in an airport - especially in Sacramento. Starbucks employees not allowed to accept tips????? That is obviously not a job you can move out of your parents house on. Whomever is in charge of the food in this airport should be fired immediately!!!!! No wonder this state is a disaster and it all starts here in Sacramento........what a joke!
Please add restaurant info of foods
available. Needs a lot more info
Or I don't know how to obtain it.