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need to update the current table location for jet blue.
Terminal B is not where the planes dock, it is in the building where passengers are brought to or taken from. Likewise Terminal A is not where the planes dock, it too is in the building where passengers walk to or from.
My sister flies in this Thur on UA, where are the airlines on your maps? Don't you think this information might be useful, this is and AIRPORT not a shopping mall....
Airline gate assignments change continuously - if you click on "Flights" you get the needed information:
We parked in the long-term parking and needed to drive back to baggage claim. There are NO directions on how to do this, no map and even the police could not give directions. We wasted 45 minutes and great frustration. Better signage is needed and better maps.
Which Terminal houses American and Alaska Airlines?
At SMF, both American & Alaska airlines are in Terminal B.
Escorting two 93 yr olds, my cousin and my uncle, (good walking mobility, but they get confused) from BWI to SMF and then to DEN on Southwest.

Need to get my cousin to her daughter in SMF (we arrive 10:40am) and then escorting the my uncle to DEN (departing 11:55am).
Where in the airport do I tell the daughter to meet her mom?

I and my 93 yr old uncle do not wish to exit security and then have to go through security again, afraid of missing DEN flight.

And can you tell me if I can watch my cousin meet up with her daughter from a distance or will I have to take her myself?
Or does SMF have a service where personal will escort my cousin to wherever, to meet her daughter?

Thanks for your time.
I suggest that the daughter contact the Airport at to get permission to meet at gate, or have her call SMF - (916) 929 5411. You should stay in the secured area with your uncle until your flight departs to Denver.
We will be flying on Virgin Airlines.
Which terminal is Virgin Airlines located?
Look at your ticket Terminal A has A gates A1-17; Terminal B has gates B4-23.
Virgin doesn't service SMF so I'd be concerned
My husband used to wait for me at the curb, after arriving from Chicago on United. Can we still use curbs side pick up and has United moved to Term A?
No longer - but he has 2 choices: either use the parking garages and meet you the baggage claim area; OR use the free Cell Phone Lot (for up to 3 hours) located off Crossfield & Lindbergh Drive--stay with your car until you collected luggage and call him to be picked up at the curb.
The previous comment is totally wrong, maybe thinking of STL? At SMF you can do curbside pickup.
Picking up 12 yr old grand daughter S.W. How can I meet her at the gate. Or is there a better alternative?
I am flying into SAC on Southwest airlines which is in terminal B and leaving from US Airways in terminal A an hour later... how do I get from terminal B to A?
Exit terminal B. Follow signs on the 3rd floor to the parking garage. Follow signs to terminal A. Go through security again. Total time including walking and security will be 20-45 minutes depending on your walking speed.
Firstly, SAC is the Sacramento Executive airport, SMF is Sacramento International. Southwest services SMF.

My advice: Go to the parking garage from terminal B. Follow the signs to terminal A. Go from the 5th floor of the garage to the 3rd and use the pedestrian bridge.
SMF was one of the quickest, most convenient airports because the terminal was small and efficient. I was off the plane and out of the terminal in 3 minutes, and on my way to rent a car. Now, however, it's added 15 minutes to my trip out of the terminal, and 15-30 minutes on return, depending on the lines for security. I'll be looking at other airports from now on (Oakland, Fresno, etc.).
I agree. The new security in terminal B is nightmarish and takes way too long to get through.
I agree that terminal B has slowed things down compared to the old setup, but alternate airports, gimme a break. The traffic and headache of going to OAK or SFO isn't worth it for me.
Totally agree with Kevin!