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SMF Gate Connections DISCUSSION

Which terminal is United Airlines?
Does KLM dock in Terminal B?
I have 30 min to catch my connecting flight with South west will I make it?
I am meeting friends that are coming in in the terminals B and I am on the A side am I able to meet them at there gate? Or is it easier to meet them in baggage claims?
which terminal is southwest in
Terminal B.
need to update the current table location for jet blue.
Terminal B is not where the planes dock, it is in the building where passengers are brought to or taken from. Likewise Terminal A is not where the planes dock, it too is in the building where passengers walk to or from.
My sister flies in this Thur on UA, where are the airlines on your maps? Don't you think this information might be useful, this is and AIRPORT not a shopping mall....
Airline gate assignments change continuously - if you click on "Flights" you get the needed information:
We parked in the long-term parking and needed to drive back to baggage claim. There are NO directions on how to do this, no map and even the police could not give directions. We wasted 45 minutes and great frustration. Better signage is needed and better maps.
Which Terminal houses American and Alaska Airlines?
At SMF, both American & Alaska airlines are in Terminal B.