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Traveling next weekend with the family and want a less congested place to eat at the airport before we fly out at 7:00 PM. Any suggestions????
Looking into purchasing a ticket with a brief 35 min layover at SLC enroute to Orlando. How busy is this airport? Do they have a train like Atlanta to get b/t concourses? I could take an earlier flight, which gives me a 2 1/2 hr layover, but wanted some advice from fellow travelers at SLC. Thanks
All terminals are connected to each other and concourses and gates are easily reached from level 2. Terminal 1 has Concourse A (American, Continental, Continental Express, Frontier, & JetBlue, US Airways & US Airways Express) and gates A1-8; and on Concourse B (Delta & Southwest) gates B1-18. Terminal 2 (Delta) has Concourse C and gates C1-13. The International Terminal has Concourse D (Delta) with gates D1-13, and Concourse E (Delta Connection & Skywest) with gates E60-85.