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SLC Gate Connections DISCUSSION

I fly into SLC terminal 1 at 11:40am on southwest and get on connecting flight with delta terminal 2 at 1:46 pm. I have checked baggage on separate tickets. Will 2 hours between arrival and departure time be sufficient to make connection?
I arrive in SLC 7/16 at 7:37 will I have time for connect flight at 8:21 ( traveling with Children)
Looking through the questions/answers.. the way I’m understanding the different comments .. SLC isn’t a “hugh” airport ?? Is this correct?? And getting between arrivals/departures with 30 minutes to do it in .. is very do-able ...I’m talking domestic flights .. both Delta .
I arrive in SLC at 1:00 pm (Delta)….departure is at 1:57 pm (Delta)
just want to make sure that there is plenty of time before boarding.
Are all Delta flights on Concourse C ?? thanks!!
Delta has gates in F (formally B), C, D, and E. Worst case, you arrive in E and have to go to F. That'd take around 10 minutes depending on your walking speed. However you'd only arrive in E on a small Delta Connection flight. Mainline Delta, F, C, or D. D to F might take 7ish minutes.
transfer Delta E66 to Delta C, 42min layover...................time?
Will 41 minutes be enough if I’m flying from Phoenix to Paris with a layover in Salt Lake City of 41 mins.
return flight from UK with 55 min layover before trip to california. Will this be enough time to go through customs? do i need to get my bags and recheck them? Both flight home is delta. Thanks
With a 55 minute connection, from answer year ago, no problem with time to walk between gates. Can the luggage make plane in 55 minutes?
I have 50 minutes between flights and need to get from concourse e to f (southwest to delta). Do I have enough time?
From reading thru questions, got to one from about a year ago, asking same thing. The answer was basically, no problem. I just posted question similar to yours, but was concerning if luggage can make it! No problem for peole.
Coming into SLC on Southwest Airlines. Need to connect with Delta flight to Twin Falls. Can this be done with only 25 minutes between arrival and departure times?