Salvador Magalhaes Airport ( SSA ) Public Transportation

Getting from Salvador Airport to your destination:
COOMETAS (Cooperativa Metropolitana de Táxi Especial de Salvador) - tel. (71) 3244-4500; and
COMTAS (Cooperativa de Motoristas Autônomos de Salvador - tel. (71) 3646-6310
- Onibus Praca da Se / Aeroportoservice is serving the Airport to/from city center; however it can take up to 90 minutes, depending on the trafic.
- The City's main bus station - the Rodoviaria Bus Terminal -  is 5 km from city center - buses from the Airport can take you there (inquire at the information desk).

NOTE:  By mid-2017 the second phase of the 24.2km east-west Metro line is to link Lauro de Freitas Avenue and Magalhaes Airport with Bonoco in the city center, as well as the 5.6km eastern section of Line 1 between Acesso Norte & Piraja.

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