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Do Purple Heart license get free parking?
I have military plates on my car, do I pay for long term parking?
I have disabled veteran plates. Are there designated parking spots available?

I lost the credit card I used while entering the parking for long term. What should I do to exit and pay my fee?
you will need to find an attendant.
Where is the cell phone lot located?
What are my options and coast for 4 days parking either a very short walk to the terminal or access to shuttle bus service?
is it possible to reserve a parking space in the long term parking lot at the san antonio airport. starting at 3 AM on 09/19 2019 and returning at 7 AM on 09/28/2019. Also how much would it cost. We re also Handicapped
What are the options for long term covered parking ( 12 days) @ for departing from SAT? Location(s) and cost, please.
Will there there be spaces available in long-term covered parking on Saturday morning, Aug 3rd, at 4{30 AM?
I would like to verify that there is no discount for Active Duty personnel; is that true?
We fly out on July 27th and return on August 2nd. Where could we park and how much would it cost?