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Is there a waiting cell phone lot?
Where would you suggest I park? i fly out this Thursday, April 18th and arrive Monday, April 22nd, 2019.. Frontier Airlines..
Is there a shuttle from long term parking. And how do you reach it once you park. Also, how much time if you are not checking bags is required to reach the gate from parking?
Do we still have to park and ride the shuttle to get to Arr terminal?
Is there a parking lot that provides FREE parking for disabled veterans, long term, for about 10 days?
I am interested in getting the same question answered. In the past it was free, but you had to get approval at the toll both when you left. I need 4 days of parking. Who do you ask?
I called the parking office at the airport. You must have disabled plates, or disabled veteran plates, show a valid ID/military ID, and proof of insurance when you exit at the toll booth. Just indicate that you meet these criteria and the parking will be free.
Going to be getting to the SAT airport early (3:30a,) on a Saturday morning soon, where is the best place to long term park?
Are vehicles displaying military specialty plates such as Bronze Star Medal exempted from parking fees like the DFW and Austin airports do?
Wondering if Economy Lot is available to park for 6 days at the end of this week. There is a note on your site that says it is closed.
This is not the San Antonio Airport's website.
They closed the economy lot - the only on site options are the hourly or long term.
Indeed - thanks for pointing it out!