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SAT Gate Connections DISCUSSION

I have a flight arriving in terminal B and departing in terminal A. Is there any connection between the two? Is there a way to not have to go through security to switch terminals?
How long will it take to walk from A1 to B8? thanks.
Do passengers have to leave the secured area, and go through security again, when changing terminals?
YES .. if you go from Term A to B you must go through TSA all over again ... they are NOT linked
Where would be the best place to meet someone if you are coming in at opposite terminals?
Does SAT airport has a transportation way between terminals like the sky link or something else?
While unsecured areas of both terminals are connected (but with separate ticket counters & security checkpoints) A & B gateways are not connected. On arrival, proceed to the ticket counter area & go through security checkpoint for Terminal B & proceed to your B gates (just follow signs).
Buenos Días, deseo saber si hay que caminar mucho, de un lugar a otro. Yo llego con mi Madre con Necesidad Especial y tengo que caminar al Terminal de United(Terminal B) Hay un personal de United que lleva a mi Madre al terminal
Does anyone know if terminals A and B will ever be connected?
SAT's 'News' certainly to point to it .
They are connected.
cab you get from luggage claim terminal A to B with ease?
Thetre is going to be a new terminal C in San Antonio Airport with 5 or 6 gates coming in 2020 or 2018.
Terminal C will be completed in late 2015. The terminal will include a range of 5-11 gates, 11 being the max number of gates the terminal is expandable to.
There are a Total number of 24 gates in the two terminals. Terminal A has 16 gates and terminal B has 8.
How many gates are there total at SAT after Terminal B was added? Thank you.
Each of the two terminals only has one corresponding concourse - Terminal A's concourse has gates A1-9 & A10-16 on either side - Terminal B's concourse has gates B1-8 serving United/Continent & American airlines.
Map needs updating. Terminal 2 as shown, is gone. Terminal B is complete, up, and running.
Indeed it is and this was pointed out in the introduction - we will attend to the map ASAP - Thank you for your alert!