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Which gate do arrivals come thru for customs? Is there a gate at each terminal?
If I am picking up someone with a child on a national flight, can I go all the way to the arrival gate, Gate 29 to help with stuff?
No, you can't.
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I will be flying to LAX in December with an emotional support animal accompanying me. Do I need to have my ESA in a carrier in the SAN airport?
My friend is arriving from Seattle on Southwest she texted she would be walking down A Zone, what does she mean where is A Zone?
Some passengers explain the layout of the passenger terminals, others comment on Parking services, while some point out pick-up options and the convenience of text messaging Valet service upon returning to SAN. We are advised of where to find the USO Center and a currency exchange service at Terminal 1. A passenger points us to the United Red Carpet Club and another lists shuttle buses you can call free. We also get a list of carriers serving the Commuter Terminal with flights to LAX.
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