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I purchased a puppy from another state which will arrive at the airport. Is there a special location where I would go to pick him up?
Wait times for day before thanksgiving
What is the precise location of the British Airways ticket counter within Terminal 2?
what gate does the British Airways nonstop to London Heathrow depart from?
Where is the best place to pickup a passenger arriving on a Sun Country Airlines flight?
Is Clear available in Terminal #1
Is the airport planning on installing a pet relief zone post-security in Terminal 1? There is a zone already in terminal 2.
This is not the airport's website. This is
We arrive on Alaska Airlines in terminal 1 we are meeting people coming in on Delta terminal 2.
Is it a 10 minute walk and can we catch a shuttle to Thrifty car rental from terminal 2 ?
Yes, it is a short walk. Yes, car rental shuttles stop at both terminals.
Which gate do arrivals come thru for customs? Is there a gate at each terminal?
If I am picking up someone with a child on a national flight, can I go all the way to the arrival gate, Gate 29 to help with stuff?
No, you can't.
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I will be flying to LAX in December with an emotional support animal accompanying me. Do I need to have my ESA in a carrier in the SAN airport?