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Private transfers are not available from my home, so I'll drive and park at the SAN Airport, however, are your shuttles running to get me from my parked car to the terminal to check in for my flight?
Thanks for the directions to short term parking.
If I park in parking lot for term. 1 do I have to use the skybridge to get into baggage claim?
If you use valet parking at SAN, you can text message (619-888-6675) your arrival, then pick up luggage, go to the valet cashier and collect your waiting car at the curb.
You have two parking options if you want to pickup someone at SAN Airport - use either the short-term parking lot in front of your terminal, or head for the free Cell Phone Lot across from the Coast Guard station - once your party calls you, you can head for the Terminal curb for pickup.
I would like a map to cell phone lot.