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Aloha. My Alaska flight lands at 9p terminal 1 and my SW flight departs 10:10p terminal 1. No checked bags. Can I make it? Do I need to go through security again?
I arrive into SAN at 845a on a Sunday. Taking Hawaiian at 1020a. If I check my luggage will i still have time to get to T2?
I’m flying out of terminal 1, i want to go to the united lounge in terminal 2 before my flight. Will i be able to go through security and go to the lounge?
Will be arriving SAN via SWA connecting to Vancouver via AirCanada with wheelchair passenger.
Reverse a week later via Westport Air to SWA.
I am traveling with a group; most will be flying out of T2 and me out of T1.

I'd like for us all to be able to hang in the Airspace lounge (in T2) beforehand, but I wasn't sure if I would be able to get into that terminal, or whether I could then stay airside to get to my T1 gates.

Will it be possible for us to hang out together in T2 before the flights?
There is no airside connection between T1 and T2.
Flying on SWA to San Diego and changing to Lufthansa with checked bag. How much time should I allow to get my bag from SWA and going through security in San Diego and make the gate for Lufthansa
I would want at least 2.5 hours.
Is it possible to walk from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 and. roughly, how long does it take?
From exiting one terminal to entering the other is only like 5-10 minutes.
Is there a shuttle bus from terminal 1 to 2?
I am flying on American into Terminal 2 ... Where do I meet my daughter flying in on alaska? .We are getting a ride from that terminal 1..I get in first so want to meet her at the best location .Thank you
Just walk over to the Terminal 1 baggage claim after you get your bags (if you have any).
thank you so much...Ill just go to the baggage claim.!
SW flt arrives 9 a.m. terminal 1 east, HI air flt departs 10 a.m. terminal 2 west. Will it be possible to get checked in & get through security at that hour on a weekday?
With no checked bags you have a chance, with checked bags there's no chance.
How far apart are the terminals to walk from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2?
Need to make a connecting flight from Southwest airlines to United airlines.
It's definitely walkable and of course the weather will almost definitely be great.