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I am flying into Terminal 1 on Alaska and need to go to Terminal 2 on Delta. What is the easiest route
You have to walk between the terminals and go through security again.
I’ll be arriving Terminal 1 with Alaska Airlines at 9am and have a connection with Hawaii Airlines in Terminal 2 at 10am. I know they will probably start boarding the Hawaii airplane like 9:15 or so.
Will I be able to make it through or bypass security? I have Muscular diseases and I can’t run, but could walk fast with a 70/30% chance of not falling. Any advice? This will be my first airport anywhere west of MCI.
There's no way between terminals without going through security. I recommend not trying this.
How quick or long is security checkpoint since I’ll have to go through security after arriving at San Diego on Alaska at T1 then Hawaii airline at T2??
It depends. Again, I recommend not trying this, especially if you can't move quickly.
If you plan on using SAN to connect, it's best not to. You will most likely have to go through security process again if your gate isn't on same section, even if it's in same terminal. In terminal 1, Gate sections are 1-2, 3-10,11-18. And if you bought anything @ the previous airport\terminal, if it doesn't meet security requirements, it will be confiscated.
Arriving in San Diego via Alaska Air @11:04am. Leaving via United @12:10pm.
Is this possible? Will luggage make the connection?
I'm very close to attaining frequent flyer status for the first time and booked a quick trip to get the number of flight segments to meet the requirements. I'll be flying into San Diego and flying back out of there an hour later (stupid, I know) to where I came in from. I know San Diego is not a hub airport for the airline I'm flying with and I've never made a "connecting" flight at a non-hub airport. I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this, but I'll ask the question anyway. I don't need to go through security again in San Diego, do I?
Plan on going through security no matter what you do at SAN. The airport hasn't been remodeled to make security more efficient.
Ill be going from SAN to ATL with a stop over in Dallas DFW. Will I have to change gates to continue my flight to Atlanta
Which terminal and where to park
American uses Terminal 2.
Which terminal does Horizon Air flight out of at SAN?
Terminal 1.
I'm flying into and out of Terminal 1 on Alaska. No lounges appear to be located in Terminal 1. Is it possible to access lounges (Airspace Lounge) in Terminal 2 without having to leave security?
No it is not possible
Yes it is possible to switch from terminal 1 to 2. TSA is only interested in the date on your boarding pass and nothing else. I just did it this week.
Can I get from the Southwest Airlines concourse in terminal 1 to terminal 2 without having to go through security?