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SAN Gate Connections DISCUSSION

Which terminal does Horizon Air flight out of at SAN?
Terminal 1.
I'm flying into and out of Terminal 1 on Alaska. No lounges appear to be located in Terminal 1. Is it possible to access lounges (Airspace Lounge) in Terminal 2 without having to leave security?
No it is not possible
Yes it is possible to switch from terminal 1 to 2. TSA is only interested in the date on your boarding pass and nothing else. I just did it this week.
Can I get from the Southwest Airlines concourse in terminal 1 to terminal 2 without having to go through security?
I am arriving on SW airlines, Terminal 1 and meeting my friend who is flying into SAN of AA airlines about an hour latter, Terminal 2 or 3 from DFW. Is there a walkway between terminals so I won't have to go through security to meet my friend?
They are not connected inside security.
Will be flying out of SAN on Southwest, would like to use Airspace lounge located in T2 beforehand. Would I be able to go from the lounge to the Southwest gates without re-clearing security?
I am flying southwest from atl to san then onward to las. I check the flight status of similar flights and most likely I'll be arriving at gate 5 or 6. My las will take off at gate 1A. Will I have to go through security again and will I make it with only a 55 minute layover??
You will not have to go through security again. You have enough time if your first flight is on-time.
Is there a walkway to get to the other gate? If so, where is that located?
Yes, they will be very close to each other.
You won't have to deal with security again. Your arriving and departing flight are in the same concourse. You'll be able to walk out of the jetway from your arrival gate and easily see your connecting flight gate just across the concourse on the other side of the center food court.
Southwest Airlines and Alaska Airlines each have their own concourse section at Terminal 1. Southwest shares a gate or two with Frontier Airlines, but all Southwest Airlines flights arrive in the same area, socyou wont have to walk more than 100 feet to get to your connecting flight.
I just flew SWA from LAS to STL with a plane change in SAN. Although it was in the same terminal ... to go from gate 2 to 4 you MUST go through TSA again. There are no exceptions and it can make you late for your plane change.
I am flying from terminal 2 SAN to SFO terminal and connecting to Dubai. Do i have to recheck bags in SFO berfore my departure to Dubai?
What airline are you flying on SAN-SFO? Are both tickets on the same reservation or two separate reservations?
Both are under one ticket.
Sorry, Same ticket with Emirates and Virgin America
Then you don't have to re-check your bags in SFO, just take the AirTrain from Terminal 2 to the International Terminal and go through security.
Your bag will not have to be re-checked, but you will need to go through security again being Emirates is in the international terminal. Just hop on the AirTrain and cruise over to the International Terminal. Just go through security again and you'll be good to go.
Can I a paid flying passenger in T1 visit my wife a pd flyer in T2 on same day and times?
Do you have to go through security again if you arrive at gate 1 and have to connect to gate 8 or 9 in the same terminal?
No, you do not.
I have a connection through southwest, flight will originate from BWI, I will change planes to TUS also southwest with a 50 min layover. Is this enough to time? Will I have to walk to a different terminal?
All Southwest gates are located together. You have enough time if your first flight is on-time.
Thank you