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I have a friend flying in from Hong Kong at 0815 and departing for FL at 1310. Will he go through customs and exit into the unsecure part of the airport at SFO or will he have to stay on the secure side until he leaves?
Yes, when he clears US Customs he will be outside security and you could meet him.
Hi, I am flying through SFO from Calgary to Singapore. Will I have to go back through customs in SFO if I leave the airport to go explore the city for a few hours? Will I have to pick up my bags and keep them or can I recheck them before leaving the airport? Is this worth it or too much of a hassle?
You will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Calgary. There is no US Customs when leaving the US. You won't have to claim your bags in SFO if all flights are on the same reservation. You are free to leave and will just have to go through security when you return.
Hi, I am flying from Vancouver to Hong Kong with 2 hours lay over in SFO. Is that enough time for me to go outside to have a quick smoke and still be on time for my flight to Hong Kong? Thanks.
Yes, that is enough time. I don't think it's enough time to have a smoke though.
Is a one hour connection enough?
What airlines are you flying? Do you have checked bags? You will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Toronto.
Is 1 hour and 55 minutes enough layover to transfer from Domestic flight UA to PR flight to MNL? Baggage is not check through so need to check in also
That will be very difficult, bordering on impossible.

I am looking at a flight from Incheon Airport in South Korea to Kansas City with a 1hr 25min layover in SFO San Francisco. Will I have enough time to make the layover from the International Terminal to the domestic terminal to Kansas City?

Also sorry I am also an American citizen.
That is barely enough time if everything goes perfectly.
I am going to fly PVG-SFO-ATL. However United changed the time of the second flight. So I only have 2hr15min connection time. I am a Chinese citizen. Is it enough for me to go through the custom, take my baggage and get on the next flight?
I have a 9 hour lay over, am I allowed to check my bags onto my next flight (to London) and leave the airport for a couple hours?
What airlines are you flying? Where are you flying into SFO from?
Hi, my international flight arriving at SFO has been rescheduled to land at 10:10. I have a separately booked domestic departure at 12:55 from SFO to IAD. Will I still be able to make it for the domestic departure or had I better change to a later flight to IAD?
You could still make it if things go smoothly when you arrive, especially if you don't have checked bags.
Hi, I will be arriving at SFO from SIN on an SQ flight at 9:15 am, and will take a separately booked United flight to IAD from SFO. Will I be able to make a 11:15 am flight out of SFO? Or had I better book a 12:55pm?
If you have checked bags I would book the 12:55