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I will be flying into terminal 1 at SFO, and I would like to find a place to eat at the airport after landing. I’ll have to claim my checked bags before eating, though. Is there anywhere to eat after claiming my luggage? I haven’t flown in years and know little to nothing about pre- and post-security. Sidenote: I land at 11:40 AM. Check-in at my hotel isn’t until 3 pm, which is why I prefer to find a place to eat at the airport versus just catching a ride to a restaurant elsewhere and dragging my luggage around with me.
What is the best sit-down restaurant near Delta Airlines arrival gates that non-ticketed people can access?
Have 1 1/2 hr between flights how long to go out side to smoke and get back to Terminal for f;oght
Is there a restaurant or cafe located at SFO in an area prior to security?
My wife is flying from Venezuela to meet me in Singapore, she stops in SF, Is there a Western Union in Terminal 3 Gate 76 ? That's what is shows online, tried to call and only get answering machine. Any help would be Greatly appreciated.. Thanks to all..
I have a flight going out of T1 next week, but there is a shop I'd like to purchase some local cheeses and coffees from in T2. Can I connect to T2 post security or do I have to go out and come back in?