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I found a flight from Kailua KOA to SAN Diego with a 49 minute layover in SFO.
Is that enough time?
Airline is United.
Dear team,

My Delta flight from Denver is to arrive at SFO at 9:39 am. The next flight is an international flight to Bangkok at 12:15 pm by United Airline.

Is two and a half hours connecting time enough?

The trip is next month. And would it help (or is it possible) if I ask the ticket agent to combine the two legs by two different airlines into one itinerary so that my bags can be checked through?

Your answer would be much appreciated. Thank you.
Hi Team,
I have a connection flight on 21- 22 May 2018 from CMH - Southwest to Singapore airlines
I will be reaching 9:45 PM at SFO in Southwest and having a connection flight for Singapore airline at 1:00 AM. Please let me know what is the shortest way to reach domestic to International.

I need to claim the baggage and recheck-in with Singapore airlines

CMH - LAS - Burbank - SFO

SFO - Singapore

Note: CMH - LAS - Burbank - SFO is separate ticket and SFO to Singapore is separate ticket.
I will be arriving in SFO from Japan on American Airlines at 10:30 am. I will need to collect baggage and clear customs, would I be allowing enough time to do this and get to the SW terminal for a 1:00 pm departure?
Hi, we will arrive at international terminal 1 (from Papeete, Tahiti), we have to get our lugages and re-check them to international terminal 1 (to Paris). we are flying with French Bee airline and only have 2h30. Is it enough time?
Thank you
My Flight arrives at gate 61 at 9:33AM and my connecting flight departs from international gate 93 at 11:05AM, Do I have enough time?
If both flights are on the same reservation then yes, that is enough time.
US Citizen...United flight from London to SFO...1 hr and 25 minute Alaska Air flight to Boise. Is there enough time?
No, you have no chance of making that.
United States citizens traveling with my wife and kids...United flight from London lands at 13:35....separate booking on Alaska Air to Boise departs at 15:00. Is that enough time?
My Flight arrives at gate 83 sat 7:10 and my connecting flight departs gate 64 at 7:40. Do I have enough time
Yes, but it leaves no time to spare if the first flight is delayed.
Hello, I haven't booked the tickets, yet. But I will be doing a round trip from Tucson, AZ to Taiwan with a layover in SFO. On the way back, they have a layover of 1hr 55 mins. That seems too short to get bags, go through customs, and get the gate. I will be traveling with a 4 year old as well. How likely are we to make the flight? And what happens if we don't make that flight? Thank you for your help.
It is possible if both flights are on the same reservation. If you miss your connection you will be rebooked on the next available flight, possibly with a connection in Denver.