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SFO Gate Connections DISCUSSION

United has changed my connecting flight, now only allowing me 45 minutes to get from Domestic arrival to International departure. I would never book this. It is on a single reservation. If arrival is even a bit late, wondering how likely the departure to Auckland would wait. We originally had 2 hours, and don't have any other good option.
The only connected flight, united is offering me is one with 1h45.
Is this time is enough on 03/29/19 to passing the passport check?
I remeber one year ago there was a statistics from the customs but i didn't find it again.
Do you know a link?
I have a one hour connection, it is enough?
Most likely yes

I will arrive at 8:40AM at SFO from Tokyo with United. Then, my departure time is at 10:35AM with Air Canada to Edmonton Canada. So, I will have very short connection of 1h 55m.
Will I have enough time for this connection? This is international flight connection

That should be enough time to get you thru SFO's international terminal.
I’m booked to arrive SFO Terminal 1 on QF73 at 12.25pm on 9 January. I will have checked oversized baggage (snow skis) to collect after clearing immigration/passport control. I then want to transfer immediately to a domestic flight to LAX. This domestic flight will be on a separate ticket so I assume I’ll have to make my way to a different terminal, re-check my bags, clear security etc. I’m wondering how much time should I allow between my 12.25pm ETA on the international flight and the forwarding domestic flight to LAX when my bags won’t be checked through? Would a 3pm flight to LAX be cutting it too fine?
If your domestic flight into SFO is on a partner carrier to QF73, then your bags will be checked thru, but since your port of entry into the US will be SFO, you will still need to get your bags, clear customs, then recheck in. 2.5 hours will be more than enough, as SFO isnt that busy at that time.
Hello...I am flying in from LAX UA, 11-1 on the 2pm flight, arriving at SFO at 323pm
I then need to be on flight 901 leaving SFO to LHR at 410pm departure. Will I have enough time to make this connection and will my luggage arrive with me in London? What terminals will I have to trot to. Mind you, I am not an athlete so running from gate to gate is not possible. Should I ask the airlines for a shuttle to get me to my plane on time once we land?
I have booked UA 748 arrived at 9.40pm at SFO and transfer to UA 1 at 10.40pm. Is it enough time to walk from domestic terminal to international terminal?
My friend and I are departing SFO. She is on United (terminal 3) and I am on Southwest (Terminal 1). Her flight is 1 1/2 hours before mine. I wanted to go with her to her gate post security and then head to my flight afterwards. Can I access terminal 1 from terminal 3 post security?
will I make it if I need to claim baggage at Hawaiian and re check in at United
high i'm flying UA872 from TPE to SFO arriving 6:35AM then catching UA233 from SFO to EWR, US citizen with checked bags. all one reservation. is that enough time? do i need to change my flight?
SFO>EWR departing 8:05AM