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Hi, I am a not a US citizen.
I will arrive at SFO at 10.03pm with Delta (Terminal 1) and my international departure flight from SFO to SIN is at 1.00am with Cathay (2hrs 57mins layover).
Will I have enough time for the transfer?
Thanks a lot.
That should be enough time to claim your bags from Delta, re-check them with Cathay in the International Terminal, and go through security.
I am arriving in San Fransisco from PDX and have 2 hours to get from terminal 2 to terminal 1 for an international flight to China. No checked bags only carry ons. Is this enough time?
No flights to China leave from Terminal 1. What airlines are you flying?
Maybe I have it backward. We are flying China Southern Airlines
Flying in to SF on Virgin Airline
You arrive in Terminal 2 and depart from the International Terminal. You have enough time if it's on one reservation, however, it's somewhat risky on two separate reservations if you have checked bags.
I arrive at 1400 from Dxb on May 18 with Emirates- have a united flight to Hawaii at 1635, separate booking- do you think it’s enough time?
That's barely enough time if everything goes perfectly.
Oh wow, really?! What kind of timing would you advise? I also have a 5hr connection option
I'd want at least 3 hours.
Hi, I will be coming from Frankfurt to San Francisco on United Airline and I only have Layover: 1h 35m to connet with SKYWEST DBA UNITED EXPRESS going to Santa Ana Airport in Orange county CA, do you think I can make it?
That should be just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
I have a one hour layover in SFO to get from Delta terminal 1 to the international terminal for a code share flight on Virgin to LHR (bags checked through). I understand there is construction between these terminals but it also sounds like I need to exit security and re-enter in the international terminal. Will this be enough time to make the connection to the international flight? Thank you!
You have the procedure correct. You have barely enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Dear all,
I will be landing to Sfo 8.15pm with (DLone) and have my second internatonal flight (and second ticket) taking off 23.55 pm (new company French Bee to go to Tahiti). Do you think 3.30 hours enought ? Thank you for your help, Olivier
Yes, that should be enough time. Where are you flying into San Francisco from?
My ways from MArseille (France) to SFO
OK, that should still be enough time but have less to spare than I originally suspected. Luckily where you have to re-check your bags is fairly close to where you will exit customs upon arrival in San Francisco.
Appreciated Zap thks
I am picking up a passenger flying in from Hong Kong tonight 4/2 at SFO International.
What is the approximate time to get through customs at 9:40 p.m.?
My drive is 3 hours to get to the airport, so I need to have an idea for when I need to leave.
I imagine they'll be out at about 10:15 if their flight is on-time.
I am departing at gate G with united to oversea. Can I visit the lounge at Gate A before boarding if I have time? If so, how much time should I allow? Do I need to get security check several times?

The A and G sides of the International Terminal are not connected inside security.
I am arriving to SFO on April 19, 2018 at 14:05 from Dubai and my next flight is at 16:00 to Las Vegas. These are on separate reservations. Is 2 hours enough time to connect considering I have to go through immigration and collect my bag then check the bag for the next flight.
I don't think that's realistically enough time on two separate reservations with checked bags.
Dec.5 I'm flying flight number 320 from pdx to sfo then connecting flight number 739 with only a 34 minute lay over. Is this doable? I don't know if the gates are any where close to each other.
Yes, if both flights are on the same airline that is possible but leaves no time to spare. Also, there's a fair chance that the schedule could change before December.