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SFO Gate Connections DISCUSSION

MCI - SFO - OGG on a Sunday in September - all UAL. Is 65 minutes enough time at SFO to get from and MCI United (Skywest) flight to United's OGG?
Hi, my family will take the international flight from Narita, Tokio to SFO, arrive at 9:15 am ( 05/15/20), connecting flight to Denver depart at 10:55 am. Do they have enough time for 1st time immigration of F4 visa into the US, and transferring flight?
Thank you!
Hi, We are flying San Diego--SFO--Taipei.on 3/30/2020. Is one Hour enough time to connect to international flight? The arriving flight to SFO is UA 1806 (arriving 12:54PM), and the departing flight to Taipei is UA 871 (departing 1:55PM). I'll buy the ticket from on 1 ticket. thank you!
We probably have only carry-on bags.
Which terminal does Alaska Airlines use for SFO
Plane from China arrives at 10:55am and I want to get on a United flight (domestic) at 1:15 pm. No checked baggage, no Global entry. Can I make it?
My wife and I are planning on flying into SFO on Southwest and then catching our British Airways flight to Rome. We only have carry-on luggage; however, the flights will be on different tickets. What is the time that we should allow between flights.
I have 35 min from arrival to departure. Arrives at gate 77 then leaving gate 67, both in terminal 3, both United. Do u think I will make it?
A quicker way to commute from terminal 1 to 2 with small kids during layover 1 hr 10 minutes?
The united flight from Honolulu arrives at 3pm and the connection flight to Istanbul is departing at 6pm. I need to get my bags and go through security/baggage drop. Would I make it?
I have only a carry-on bag and I am flying from Baltimore to New Zealand. I had to book separate reservations with two airlines but they're affiliated. I'm flying BWI to SFO on Alaska and flying from SFO to AKL using Fiji Airways. My layover is only 1 hour and 10 minutes. Is this enough time?