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united flt 5562 from msp on Jan 4
Connects with united flt 1725 in SFO to go to Maui OGG
With 32 min layover. Is that enough time? And any data on liklihood of sucessful connections?
That's possible but it obviously leaves no time to spare if the first flight is delayed.
We arrive at San Francisco Airport on United from Sydney at 6:30am to transfer to a 9:00am United domestic flight to Newark. Do we have to claim bags and go through security again? Is that plenty of time? How much time does it take to do this?
Yes, you have to go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, then go through security and to your departure gate. You should have enough time.
What if my connecting flight is with United, the same company that I checked my bags with in Sydney? Would they not handle the bags from Sydney through the transfer of United planes in SFO to Newark??? Thanks for you insights.
You have to claim your bags in San Francisco to take them through US Customs, as that is your port of entry in the United States.
Flying United/Hawaiian, EWR-SFO-OGG, landing at Terminal A, then connection of 1 hr 20min, and have to get to Intl Terminal. Flights are all domestic, but is there extra security to get into Intl Terminal? Is 1hr 20 ok? Luggage should be checked through since UA and HA have the same ticket numbers, but a biz upgrade request looks like it split the PNRs. Anything to be concerned about?
SFO doesn't have a "Terminal A" and United and Hawaiian don't codeshare. So please be more specific on what flights you are flying on what segments. United EWR-SFO flights arrive in Terminal 3.
Sorry you're right, Terminal 3, not A.

And yes, I am flying on 1 PNR including UA and HA. Back when it was booked, if you searched on UA it would say "includes flights operated by Hawaiian Airlines." EWR-SFO on United metal UA 1483, and then HA 41 SFO-OGG on Hawaiian metal, all ticketed through United. Reservation is viewable on both carriers websites and the ticket numbers are the same.
Thanks for all your responses in this forum btw
That should be enough time if the flight from EWR is on-time. You'll have to go through security again to access your departure gate.

I'll fly to SFO to terminal 3 and my next flight to Chengdu China will be in the international terminal. I'll have 1.5 hour layover. Do I need to pass the security check when enter the international terminal? Is 1.5 hour layover long enough?

Thank you!
About my question above, more details: I'll fly from Seattle, and both flights are on the same reservation, if that matters. Is there a way to walk from terminal 3 to international terminal? I hope I don't need to pass security check.
All you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate. There is a walkway inside security from T3 to concourse G of the International Terminal. You have enough time.
I have flight from montreal to SFO with layover only 1.5hr to sydney. Do i need to go through baggage claim and custom and recheck my baggage?
You pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Montreal. If both flights are on the same reservation all you have to do in San Francisco is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Hi, I'll be arriving in SFO at 1710 on British Airways from London. Am planning to book a flight on a different reservation to Las Vegas and am contemplating between 3 options:
1945 Virgin
2010 United
2035 Southwest

Will I have enough time to make the Virgin flight or should I go with the later options?

Any of those should work.

Looking at an intinerary where I'll be arriving from Copenhagen with Scandinavian and have 1.50 for transferring to a domestic United flight. The same booking and should be checked through. Is that too tight. MCT is 1.45.

You will have to claim your bags to take them through US Customs in San Francisco then immediately re-check them. You have just enough time if everything goes perfectly.
UAL changed my reservation. I now have 30 minutes between a flight arriving at gate 78 and departing from gate 62. Does anyone know the approximate walking distance? Bilateral knee replacements don't allow for race walking!
That's about a 10-15 minute walk. However, as far as I know, United doesn't use gates in Terminal 6.
Sorry, disregard what I said about "Terminal 6". It's more like a 5-10 minute walk too.
We are flying UA Express SMF to SFO, then UA to Frankfurt, before connecting to Lufthansa to Basel Switzerland. Will UA at SMF check our bags thru to Basel? Will we have to check in again at SFO to show passports when we go to Int. Terminal?
Your bags will be checked through to Basel in Sacramento. All you have to do in SFO is walk to your departure gate - you will show your passports when you board. You will go through Schengen entry passport control in Frankfurt.
Am flying from Denver to sfo on United then flying to panama on Copa airline with 3.5 hour layover. Do I collect bags from United then walk to International and recheck? I have a bike bag.
If both flights are on the same reservation you just have to walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.