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Can I go to virgin clubhouse lounge before clearing immigration and obtain my domestic flight boarding card, then clear immigration and go to terminal 2 to catch my domestic flight? Time is not an issue.
No, you can't. You go to immigration directly after arriving on an International flight.
How much time would I need to get from Virgin Air terminal 2 to Singapore Air international terminal
If it's one reservation, 90 minutes, if it's two separate reservations, 2.5 hours.
Well, I have 90 minutes between flights. I arrive with Virgin Air,transfer to Singapore Air one reservation. I believe bags are checked through, I'm flying business class and I have fastpass.
I will be arriving at San Francisco airport via SW at Terminal 1 and need to meet friends at Terminal 3. Can I do this without exiting security? If I exit Terminal 1 than I cannot get into Terminal 3 due to security. Txs
You cannot go from T1 to T3 inside security.
I am arriving at SFO from Tel Aviv at 6:00am. Leaving at 8:15 am. to Minneapolis terminal 1.
This not on the same reservation is this enough time?
I forgot to say I have a carry only.
With carry-ons only it might be just enough time if you check in for your Delta flight online before leaving Israel.
Hi, we arrive at the International Terminal. Our friend is arriving at Ternimal 3. Can she walk to baggage claim at the International Terminal to meet us? If yes, how? Thank you.
Yes, she can. She can walk by following signs to the International terminal and walking [with her feet].
If we fly out of LAX to SFO on American Airlines to transfer planes to go to Phili we would have a 33 min difference between flights. Is that enough time?
Yes, that should be enough time if the first flight is on-time. All AA gates are near each other.
Where is 84C? I can't find it on the map here. On my ticket it only says 84C, no terminal
United has a gate 84 in Terminal 3, but not an 84C. What airline are you flying?
United flight SFO to Redmond Oregon says it departs from 84c. Found 84 but not 84c on terminal map.
84 is where they shove all the RJs. There is A, B, C, and D usually. There is a few of these multiple plane gates at SFO and LAX.
My wife is travelling through SFO first time, arriving on West Jet at International Terminal A with checked baggage and connecting to Emirates in Internation Terminal A. Can she go directly from terminal G to A without leaving secure area or she needs to exit from Terminal G and go through security to enter in Terminal A?
A and G are not connected inside security.
I fly in from Newark at 9:16pm and have a connecting flight to Sydney that departs at 10:50? Can I make it?
No flights to Sydney depart from Terminal 1. If your flight is on United it departs from concourse G of the International terminal (that's an I, not a 1). You just have to walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have plenty of time.

I'm on a Qantas flight arriving San Francisco from Sydney at 09:30am.
I want to book a connecting Virgin America flight to Las Vegas which departs at 12:42pm
I'm aware I'll need to collect then re-check baggage and travel between terminals.
Can anyone tell me if I'll have enough time to get between my flights?
Many thanks in advance,
Yes, that should be enough time.
Great - thanks for the response and assurance :)