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Hello! I will be coming in to SFO from an international flight then switching to a domestic flight.

- I have a two hour layover, is this enough time for immigration and baggage claim and rechecking?
- How complicated is immigration?

Thank you!
Hey, flying in to SFO from Sydney in June 2018 at 0930, needing to catch a domestic flight to ORD hopefully 1115 flight. How much time will I need to safely navigate from arrival at the international terminal, checkin baggage at domestic, and get to the domestic gate. I'm thinking 1 hour and 45 minutes will be a little tight.
I should mention that we haven't booked any domestic flight as yet. Flying in Qantas and still searching for a flight to get into ORD as friends are picking us up and we don't want to get in too late. Next option is a 12pm/noon flight.
We arrive from Frankfurt at San Francisco at 16.15 hrs and have a connecting flight to Honolulu which leaves at 19.00 hrs. I understand we have to reclaim our bagage and go through immigration to check our bagage back in. Will we have enough time to do so?
Yes, that should be enough time.

My family will be flying in from Singapore to SFO and then buy another ticket from SFO to Calgary.

Will we have problem clearing immigration since we are landing in SFO and immediately checking in again for flight from SFO to calgary.
- Any idea how long immigration will take ?
- Do we have to check in 2 or 3 hours before flight from SFO to calgary?
- What terminal does flight from SFO to Calgary usually takes off ?

Trying to figure out how much buffer I need to catch the flight from SFO to Calgary.

I recommend at least 3 hours between the two flights. Part 2 of you question depends on what airline you are flying. United will depart from Terminal 3 and Air Canada and Westjet will depart from the International Terminal.
Flying to Sweden, leaving SFO at 9 a.m. on Virgin America to LAX and then from LAX on SAS. How early should we be at the airport and do we check in at the international terminal in SFO? Or do we check in domestic and recheck in at LAX to the international terminal?
Virgin America uses Terminal 2 at SFO - you check in there. If it's two separate reservations you will have to claim your bags in Terminal 6 in LAX and then take them to the International Terminal to re-check them with SAS.
Thanks. What if it is all on the same ticket? Then we check in with SAS?
How do I gt from International to Terminal 3.
You can walk. They're right next to each other.
My husband needs shuttle/wheelchair assist from air train to united gates.
Then you need to contact your airline to request wheelchair service.
if i arrive at 4:45 and sucessfully use the customs passport app is it likely i will be able to catch a 5:30 shuttle?
It's possible, but it'll be close.
I am travelling Auckland to SFO then onto Calgary. When I go through Customs, do I pick up checked luggage to go through customs and then recheck it for connecting flights
Yes, you will go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, go through security and to your departure gate.