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Highly recommend nonstop flights to Denver!
I would be all for the direct flights. I live at Lake Nacimiento and have to travel to LAX for my direct flight and keep my car at my dad's house. This way I can park it in SLO and take off from that airport and go to my son who flys for United/Skywest and visit my grandchildren. It would be a great service. Thanks if it can be done.
I am all for direct flights from San Luis Obispo airport to Denver, CO. It would be a greatly added benefit for changing flights and connecting flights vs having to drive to San Jose or LAX!
I believe it would be of great service to travelers from Denver Colorado and San Luis Obispo, if you would start a new service between these two cities as there are alot of business people who would greatlly appreciate the service instead of having to go to Santa Barbara to fly out to Denver Colorado. I would like to take your survey regarding the intended service but unalbe to get on the site?
You were on the iFly site - to contact SBP directly, visit or call (805) 781 5205.