Sandefjord Torp ( TRF ) Restaurants & Stores

Sandefjord Torp Bars, Cafes, Restaurants & Stores

Duty & Tax Free

The airport Duty&Tax-Free store offers a rich sellection of perfumes and other traditional duty-free goods.

Gastro Pub & Eatery

Typical bar food, like juicy burgers, fish & chips, crispy salads and fresh burgers will be served. The bar will also have different kinds of beer and wine.


The Narvesen kiosk offers chocolates, newspapers, magazines and books. It has a selection of toiletries, accessories, a limited number of children\'s toys, a tiny chemists shop


Tanum bookshops are one of Norway\'s biggest independent bookshops. Tanum are known to have qualified employees, a wide range of different types of books and high service.