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I am arriving on Latam Dec. 28 at Terminal 3 at 6:25 am. I have a flight on Avianca Brazil on Dec. 28, leaving from Terminal 2 at 10:55 am.going to Natal. How do I get from Terminal 3 to Terminal at GRU? Is there enough time to go through customs and catch my flight on Avianca Brazil From Gru to Natal? Thank you. Ann Marie Carr
I am not an expert, however, I've been into GRU 20 plus times over the last 30 years. You should have plenty of time to get through immigration and customs to your AV flight. You will likely gather your checked luggage after you go through immigration. Once you have your luggage you will go through customs and generally it is a breeze. You will then head for terminal 2, which is a long walk. If you have a lot of luggage the airport has free luggage carts. I believe you will be on the 1st floor when you leave customs. You will need to go to the second floor to check your bags and check in for your AV flight. Hope this helps.
i arrive at 12:30 on one international flight, have to connect to another international flight on another ticket at 3:35pm. do i have enough time?
I will be arriving at GRU on Delta from Atlanta and have a connection to GOL which is a partner airline to Delta. The connection time says 1 hour 35 minutes. This seems much too short to me. Does anyone have any experiences with this type of connection?
We will arrive Sao Paulo Airport at 4.10 pm (Ethiopian Airline) and will connect flight to Lima (Latam Airline) at 6.55 pm. Will we have enough time? Thx.
Good morning,

I arriving with the fligt of Alitalia to the terminal 3 and I have to go to the terminal 2 for another flight with the GOAL. Exist an internal connection? I have to do a new check in SP.
Hi i am flying from Rio to Sao Paulo and connectiong to canada .Will I have to collect my bags and go throught immigration .Or can I go right to my connecting gate .
What airlines? Is it one reservation or two separate reservations?
it is on one reservation Brazilian Air connectiong to Air Canada
hi there, I am booked in a flight from Rio to Sao Paulo with GOL arriving at T2; I have only 1 hour for my connection flight still GOL from T2 to Santa Cruz (Bolivia). Do I have enough time for it? And for my luggage? Any immigration where I will lose lots of time? Thanks!
Hi i will have the same problem. How was for you? i will come from Uruguay, have one hour connection in GRU and then back to europe. Did you had to go out and do once again all the visa practise? Thank you in advace.
Hello, we will change Gates at GRU (arriving at 2 Leaving from 3 or the other way round) Do you Know if we can take alcohol from Duty Free in Switzerland through or do we Need to Go through Passport & security again and Hand in all liquids?
Actually all luggage has to be picked up in GRU - even if checked through to GIG (customs Reasons they told us) so no way getting liquids through
I will be arriving from campo grande arriving at terminal 2 in GRU. My flight returning to canada leaves from terminal. Can I walk or is there a shuttle?

I have a very long layover - is there a hotel in the airport - terminal 3 I guess that we can use as a fast sleep for 8 hours?

Thank yoiu
Leaving from terminal 3 - sorry.
There is a shuttle - I suggest using it. There is a hotel within the secure area of Terminal 3 called TRYP by Windham.
Is there a shuttle or can I walk? How long will it take?
There's a shuttle bus you have to take.