Questions, comments and tips about parking at Saskatoon Airport. Have a favorite place to park? Prefer offsite to on-airport parking? Share your YXE Airport parking experiences with others, or post a question and get notified when there is a response.


Where do we park for just one night?
What are your weekly fees?
Can you park for longer than 10 days?
How much would it cost to park in long term from July 12 -- 14th? Is that where we would park in the long term area?
I thought your site was the Saskatoon airport at 55/week long term turns out was 112 / week . very easy to mix up sites and get fooled into thinking airport parking is cheap
How much does it cost to park from Feb 22 to Marc 9/19
We are considering parking at the airport for a 24 hour period starting tomorrow morning. What are the chances that we will be able to find a parking spot where we can plug in?
How much will it cost to park from Jan 31 through to Feb 8,2019?
How much will it be to park from Nov 19/2018 to Nov 28/2018?