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Is checking in required at aerlingus from Spokane
its prob a delta (or other) codeshare so you are unlikely to find an air lingus counter at spokane.
I there a charge for using the business center, or can I walk up and have access to power & wifi at any available desk?
If we leave our boat at Pier 91 at 8am can we make a 10am flight?
Handicap help, Need help to retrieve luggage at SeaTac airport 7/11 & transport us to Iceland air with in three hours
Traveling with an Inogenone O2 unit. I have a 4hr and a 2hr. backup battery. I assume I can go through security with them.
I go from Burbank BUR with Alaska 165, and I need to meet someone who comes from Paris Charles De Gaulle CDG with Air France AF 3622 (operated by Delta). How can I get from Alaska terminal to Air France terminal?
What help can I get. i am traveling on 10th May and meeting other party at American. I am a wheel chair traveller.
I’m flying from puerto Vallarta to Vancouver BC with a 1 hr 15 min stopover in Seattle will there be a time problem making my second flight
If both flights are on the same reservation that is barely enough time if everything goes perfectly. If it's two separate reservations you have no chance.
It was booked at the same time and I asked numerous times if it was enough time and was told no problem. Now I don’t know what will happen if we miss our connecting flight from Seattle to Vancouver.
We will only be using carry-on bags so hopefully that will help us make our connecting flight
meeting family members coming in from Gatwick. Would like to know where to meet them?
Seattle only has one terminal. They will come out on the arrivals level of the only terminal.
I will be meeting an arriving Military charter from South Korea called the Patriot Express, do you know what terminal this flight will be arriving at or how I can track this flight on the arrival board?