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SEA Gate Connections DISCUSSION

Hi I wonder if anyone has tried this before: Flying Alaska Airlines from Vancouver at 6am to Seattle, and go through the customs and board the Alaska Airlines flight to Boston at 7:40am (connection time at Seattle is 40 minutes), with no check-in bags. Is this connection very difficult to make?
Can you tell me if 1 hr 45 minutes is enough time to arrive on Delta and get to American airlines for next flight? How close are the 2 different airline concourses?
Wondering if 2 hours is adequate to arrive on an Alaska Airlines domestic flight and leave on a Singapore Air International flight. On the Sunday after Thanksgiving
Flying to Seatac today and arriving at concourse C and departing out of N terminal.
Whats the construction situation like? A few extra minutes or a cluster f#$k?
I only have 40 minutes between flights and no checked bag
How long will it take to walk from where Flight DL5771 arrives from YYC to Flight DL4059 to SMF?
I need to know what Sea-Tac gate Fit. #633 out of Spokane, at 7:15 AM arrives Sea-tac 833 AM on November 19th?
is it possible to get off american airlines 1079 and get to alaska airlines 6844 in 30 or less minutes?
What concourse does Delta fly into.
Can anyone tell me how long it takes to get from Delta to Alaskan Air