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SEA Gate Connections DISCUSSION

I am flying in from Spokane on Delta, I am connecting with a United Flight how close are the terminals
What concourse does my connecting flight on Horizon flight 2155 at 1:40 pm to Wenatchee use?
Which Zone, Concourse, Terminal does Alaska Air use at SEA?
i am arriving of Alaska Airlines flight 467 Monday the 24th, I have only 45 minutes to catch Alaska (Horizon) flight 2246 to Spokane. How do I do it and where do I go, do I have enough time?

Thank You
Hello, my son is arriving at gate A9 and has a connection at gate A20, but I can´t find A20 on the map. Can you please help me with connection information?. His flight was delayed and will only have 20 minutes to board the flight.
I'm arriving in Seattle on Southwest Airlines and I have 1 hour 20 minutes to make a connecting flight on Alaska Air. Is that enough time? I assume I should not check baggage on the Southwest flight--is that correct?
I arrive on Delta 609 from ATL and depart on Delta 199 to Seoul. how far apart are these gates?
I have only 45 minutes to connect Alaska 495 Denver - Seattle to Alaska 2508 Seattle -Vancouver, BC, Canada flights. What is the best way to catch this connection ? can I walk or should I take trains?
Thank you in advance for kind suggestions.
I am arriving on EVA air into Seattle on 12/6 at 3.40pm and have a connecting flight on Alaska Air to Eugene at 5.35pm. Will there be enough time for me to check in for the connecting flight? Please advise process and how to go to the right terminal. Thank you
How do you get from Alaska - which I think is Satellite north terminal to the A terminal for international departures (Aer Linguis) and how long will it take ?