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SEA Gate Connections DISCUSSION

Can anyone tell me how long it takes to get from Delta to Alaskan Air
Can anyone tell me how long it takes to get from Delta to Alaskan Air
I arrive at the Main Terminal, Concourse B, and am needing to meet someone arriving at the North Satellite Terminal to take an Uber into downtown Seattle. They arrive earlier than me. Can they get to Main Terminal Baggage Claim easily to meet up?
How long to get from terminal a to terminal c
Where is departing Gate B20 and/or B21
How much time and how close are the terminals for Horizon Air flt 2160 connecting to Alaska airlines flt 735.
I am concerned about my booking and timing. My delta flight from Vancouver is going me 56 minutes to connect with my UK flight with Virgin Atlantic. If we have to clear security again on arrival I fear this will not be long enough. However if we dont have to do security again, it will be OK
I n Seattle Airport my Delta flight is Arriving at Terminal S. Connecting Delta flight leaves from Terminal A.How much time do I need.I only have less then on hour between flights
I am flying in from Spokane on Delta, I am connecting with a United Flight how close are the terminals
What concourse does my connecting flight on Horizon flight 2155 at 1:40 pm to Wenatchee use?