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SEA Gate Connections DISCUSSION

Been searching airlines but only by dates and it doesn’t show anything. Please advise. Ed
arriving Delta South Satelite from Victoria; need to collect luggage and get to Southwest Concourse B as quickly as possible; Help where do I go for luggage collection, and how to make this happen quickly. thanks.
I will be flying from MSP to SGN via SEA, ICN with 90 mitutes layover at SEA. Is that enough time for me to transfer to international flght at SEA? Do I have to go through security at SEA or not? My first time at SEA TAC airport, if anyone know, please help.
I would like to have direction map from domestic Delta airline to international KAL airline.
thanks for help
I am flying to Seattle on July 8, 2018 and need connecting flight to San Juan Island WA...
would I connect at the Seattle airport?
Thank you
Any tips on connecting, via customs. Alaska from Canada then on to New Orleans
I am flying into Seattle airport with Emirates EK229 in transit to Anchorage with AS 107. How does the connection work
Alaska airlines 7/8 to Seattle 9:40 am leaving Seatle airport at12:16 via Alaska heading to Calgary Canada
What terminals will we arrive and depart from?
Return trip all Alaska air lines 7/15 is reverse arrive in Seatle 1:52 pm from Calgary and depart 3:35 pm to Oakland again what terminals where is customs
I want to be sure we have enough time to catch flights especially our return through Seatle
Leslie Ries
Thank you
I am flying into Seattle from DTW on delta. I have a 3 hour layover then I depart Seattle to Hawaii on Delta. How far will my gates be apart
What terminal does Delta use to board flights to Vancouver ? Is there a connection from Southwest gates in terminal to the gates used by Delta/Skywest to board flights to Vancouver?