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I bought a ticket from SFO -> SEA -> NRT (Tokyo) with only 1.5 hour connection time flying out. Is it enough on delta? there is 1 flight only to NRT and i certainly want to make sure i don't get stuck in SEA for 1 more day.
On the way back, I have the route NRT -> LAX -> SFO with 3h10m connection time (with the extra time needed for immigration and custom and rechecking luggage), this seems a lot, but I heard LAX is horrible in terms check in time in immigration and customs. is 3h10m still risky in LAX? THANK YOU ALL!
I am travelling on Delta from Victoria, BC to Hawaii with a transfer in Seattle. What is the process for claiming bags, clearing customers and immigration? I have just under 90 minutes in Seattle if all is on time. Thank you.
Hi! We live in Lewiston Idaho. on Tuesday 9 January we will have only one hour 10 minutes in SEA to connect to our international flight to Frankfurt.Will this be enough? Are the 2 terminals very distant? Thanks
Are both flights on the same reservation or is it two separate reservations? Seattle only has one terminal.
same reservation. My concern is the neverending lines at custom/passport control.....thanks for your help
flying from Boise to Seattle - seattle to London - with transfer time 58mins - is this enough time ?is it easy to get from one gate to another - i think it maybe B gate to S gate.
do we have to collect luggage or does it meet us in london? worrying so would appreciate any help
You don't have to do anything with your bags. Just go from one gate to the other. S is connected inside security to B by an underground train.
thank you for your help - I did finally get through to Virgin and they said I would have to take my bags off one carousel and load them onto the other- they guy did not sound confident though and I would think it should be straight through - they have since realized they made errors with timings and have now changed us onto an earlier flight so either way we will have time to sort out the processes - thank you for your help
My son is travelling from Calgary to Seattle and then has to connect for a flight to Santa Ana. His flight is not yet up on the board but from what I see the flight the day before (I am aware this can change) has the same flight landing in terminal B and the connecting flight out of S. He has about an hour to connect. Best way to go from B to S?

Forgot to say that he will not have any checked luggage, just carry on.
B and S are concourses, not terminals. The only way from B to S is the underground train. He should have enough time.
We are leaving from Vancouver (YVR) to Sea on Delta and we will have already gone through customs in Vancouver. We have an hour and a half to make our connecting Delta flight to Maui. Do we still have get our bags and recheck if we are flying Delta on our second leg?? And is 1.5 enough time to make the second flight (it will be a Monday morning) two adult and two children.
You don't have to do anything with your bags. Just go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You should have plenty of time.
Thanks a lot! Appreciate it :)
How much time do I need to allow when flying from AK to Sea on AK airline, then going to Europe on Condor (different ticket)?
When retuning, will arrive SEA on Condor and have to go through custioms, correct? Then how much time to leave before check in for a flight back to Alaska?
(I have the Condor reservation, but need to make the domestic one). Thanks in advance for the needed info.
On the way to Europe. 2-2.5 hours is doable. On the way back I'd want at least 3 hours. Yes, you will have to go through US Immigration and Customs upon arrival from Europe in Seattle.
I am a US citizens flying back from Vancouver, BC to Seattle on Alaska then taking flight on Southwest to Sacramento

arrival to seatac 12:41. Looking to confirm if I would be able to make a 2:20 departure
You pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Vancouver. You will have to claim your bags from Alaska, re-check them with Southwest, and then go through security. That should be just enough time.
I will be flying to SEA-TAC on Southwest and will depart on Alaska. How much time is needed to collect checked bag from Southwest and check bag with Alaska and depart on Alaska? I will be doing the opposite on the return flight.
I would want at least 2 hours. You need to go to the main terminal to claim and re-check your bags and go through security.
Thank you ZAP!
I have 1 hr 7 min to transfer from the vancouver-SEA flight to the SEA-Japan flight. Is that sufficient time? If I have check-in luggage, what are the procedures for my check-in luggage and immigration that I will have to go through? Thank you
You pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Vancouver. If both flights are on the same reservation all you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Thank you. So 1 hr 7 min to make the connection would be sufficient then? Will the arrival gate be in a different terminal from the departure gate (and so would require a lengthier transit time)?