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Yesterday My brother lost his pasport . His name is Didar singh . Can you help us to find our passport . That is a Indian passport . If anyone find any passport plz contact with me on this email [email protected] Please its urgent .

I found a ring as I was rushing for my flight at the airport on Friday 9th February around 12.15pm when I was getting some money out at the currency exchange.

Please can you let me know if anyone has called to report a ring missing as it looks like it holds sentimental value and I want to return to the owner.

The ring has an engraving inside so whoever claims it will know what is written inside so if they are right I can arrange to send it to the owner. I don’t want to mention what is engraved inside as anyone can say it’s theirs but the true owner will know what is inside
Dear Resort,
I have lost my external memory device and I wonder if I perhaps left it while I was staying in your resort?
It was Toshiba brand, black, 12x8 cm in size. Please let me know if you have found it.

Thank you very much
Toma Bitkeviciute