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I am flying from REP on MU 0514 and transferring to DL 0296 for a flight to NRT. I have read different things about the transfer process. Can you explain what I will have to do when I arrive at PVG? I assume I will at least have to pick up my luggage and re-check it, but I'm not sure what else is involved.

Im meeting my partner, he arrives in Terminal 2 (2 hrs after me) and I arrive in T1 both coming from international flights. Where is the best place to meet??
Hello. I am flying into PVG on United Airlines and fly out on Malaysian Airlines. Will I need to go out of the airport terminal to check my bag and get on my Malaysian flight? I will have 2.5 hours if flights are on schedule. Do you think I can make it? Could I get directions of where to go and how to get there the fastest way possible. Thank you.