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SVO Gate Connections DISCUSSION

My husband and I will be traveling on Aeroflot from JFK to Prague with a layover in SVO of 1 hour and 30 minutes. We will need to get from Terminal D to Terminal E in that length of time. My husband has a bad back and can't walk very fast for very long. Is there any way we can get assistance so we can make our connecting flight on time?
I will be travelling with Aeroflot from Istanbul to Hanoi via Moscow Sheremetyevo. The time between flights in Moscow is just over 3 hours. I arrive at terminal F and depart from D. My flights to and from Moscow are separately ticketed.

I have contacted both Aeroflot and Sheremetyevo call centres to discuss transit procedures when travelling on 2 tickets. As I have not been confident in the answers I got, I have called both centres a few times to try to clarify things but have had contradictory responses.

I know that if I can check my baggage straight through to Hanoi my transit in Moscow should be straight forward. However, Aeroflot have given me conflicting information on baggage handling.
I have been told that I can check my baggage straight through to my final destination even though I have two tickets.
that I cannot check my baggage through to my final detination as I have two tickets and will have to recheck my baggage at Sheremetyevo.

I am preparing for the worst and assuming I will have to recheck my baggage in Moscow. With this in mind I have contacted Sheremetyevo to confirm whether I can recheck my baggage airside at the Transit Desk of if I would have to go through immigration to collect my baggage and check in again landside, in which case I will need a visa. I have had the following conflicting answers.
1) It is no problem, just take my baggage receipts to the Transit Desk and they will arrange for my baggage to be transferred onto my outbound flight.
2) I cannot use the Transit Desk if I have hold luggage to check onto the outbound flight.
3) I will not be treated as a transit passenger if I have separate tickets and so cannot use the transit desk at all.

I do not want to spend money on visas that I do not need. On the other hand, I definately do not want to find myself in Moscow needing to leave the transit area and without a visa.

Does anyone have first hand knowledge of having to recheck baggage during transit through Sheremetyevo? If so, what is the procedure?

Thanks for any help.