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SBN : Car had tires and rims stolen Jul 27, '18 Comments: 0

South Bend Regional Airport Parking

Parked on a Monday afternoon. Returned on Friday afternoon to find my car sitting on a couple pieces of concrete, a child car seat, and an old tire. My rims and tires were stolen. I want to know what if any liability the airport may have for the lot, or why and how this can happen in a lot with surveillance and security.

SBN : Money Exchange Apr 03, '18 Comments: 0

South Bend Regional Airport Food, Shops, Services

I was wondering if you can exchange currency from US to European money at the airport? If so, what is the fee for this transaction?

SBN : Arrival time and TSA wait ttime Oct 28, '16 Comments: 0

South Bend Regional Airport General Topics

What time should I arrive for a 6:30 am flight ? What is TSA wait time?

SBN : luggage hunter Apr 19, '13 Comments: 0

South Bend Regional Airport Airlines & Baggage

How do I contact South Bend United Airlines baggage claim office? Is there a direct phone number?