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BPT : Do you pay for luggage Mar 06, '18 Comments: 0

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Do I pay for luggage

BPT : loss of Luggage servise May 29, '16 Comments: 1

Beaumont Jack Brooks Regional Airport Airlines & Baggage

Unfortunately, I must express my frustration level of service to this company, or rather the work of Beaumont airport staff, decorate my flight May 25 to route BEAUMONT - HOUSTON> HOUSTON - FRANKFURT> FRANKFURT - MOSCOW.
Firstly: airport worker, for some reason, made me an additional fee ($ 100) for the second piece of luggage, though, as I know, on the transatlantic flight, two pieces of baggage included in ticket price.
Secondly (and this is perhaps even somewhat comically) that very second my luggage was lost on the interval BEAUMONT - HOUSTON, and flew to FRANKFURT.
P.S.the latest message services baggage handling: my Luggage was found in Houston. Reason: no tag (forgot to put). And again, no flights Beaumont -Houston was not just passengers seated in the school bus and more than two hours shaking to Houston on the highway (that's the whole flight!!!!)
This is not the website of the Beaumont airport or any airline. Nobody from either of those places will read your message. Also, two pieces of luggage are NOT allowed on United in Economy class on a transatlantic flight without paying extra. Only one bag is complimentary.