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How long is it taking to clear security?
I use Allegiant and PIE often. TPA and the large airlines can't even compete with the Allegiant nonstop flights, low fares, and ease of a small airport. Total cost on Allegiant is always less and usually significantly lower cost and I get to/from Florida in two hours vs 6 or 7 using TPA. Rarely have I had a delay in flying and never a cancellation.
Good to know - PIE is the St. Petersburg /Clearwater Airport, right across from the two causeways & Tampa Airport.
I am very pleased with the service I get @ PIE. Tampa is a pain to get to..and the cost of flying is so much less flying with Allegiant. Never been happier!!
PIE is the Best Airport in our area along with Sarasota/Bradenton,which is a small airport too. The only difference is the pricing Sarasota is so much more expensive to fly with.They do have more airlines to choose from,and, they are not close to Tamps.I prefer a small ,friendly,Airport.Pie in my sky!
they exceed parking fees at TPA and there are no viable and affordable alternatives :(
This golf course is longer there.
Noted. - Thanks!
I can't believe that they charge $ 2 for more than 10 minutes of parking. Other airport's give you atleast an hour of free parking. From now on I will be dropped off to purchase tickets, I certainly will not waste $ 2.00 of gas.
Sorry, for your experience.
cant find who flys out of PIE!!!!!!!
Our site clearly states it: Air Transat, Allegiant, Frontier, Sunwing, Vision.
Having a really rough time fiding out what airlines fly out of the St Petersburg airport... back to Tampa....
you can't fly from St. Pete's to Tampa Airports - they are in the same Florida Pinellas County, about a half hour's drive between them over the causeway.
I just left the airport's short term parking. The i was there for less than 10 minutes and waited in the exit line until past the 10 minute limit. Is it policy to be charged for waiting in line? The teller Harley told me it was my own fault for getting in the line. i informed him of the situation and he became rude to me and said that i should have used a credit card. I informed him that I do not have a credit card. Harley continued his rude behavior as if I was wrong for question the charge. Harley then called me a Liar when I pulled out my DEBIT card to pay the $2.00. The signage at the clearly states that u can use a Credit Card to pay and does not mention a debit card. My debit card clearly states that it is a debit card and not a credit card right on the face of the card. Harley had no right to call me a Liar nor to be disrespectful to a paying customer of the airport.

Is there any action that I can take for an apology and/or a refund?