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ARN Gate Connections DISCUSSION

hello . I’m flying from Dubai to kiruna .. but I have a connecting flight from arlanda airport arriving in arlanda @around 10am and my flight to kiruna is 10:55 ... can you tell me the quickest way to get into my terminal my flight is also via Norwegian airline
I will travel from Dubai to New York and I have transit in Stockholm for 11 hours, it is written in the ticket that I have to collect my bags in the transit time, is it available to collect my bags in the transit area?
On friday we fly to Stockholm with Norweigan air from London and land in terminal 5. We have only 60 minutes to get to our flight to Kiruna from Terminal 4. Panicking a bit .. how long does it normally take to get through passport control and any tips to get between terminals
We only have an hour layover time. We are on Norweigen. Is the arrival and departure right next to each other? We are leaving Venice and connecting in Stockholm for last leg to LAX