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Hej! Min vän ska åka den18 Dec. med AY0808, hon ska ta med sig sin mans cinerary kista. Frågan är : behöver hon ta med sig nån dokument? behöver hon kontakt med nån avdelning på Arlanda innan boarding? Tack.
where is helpdesk? flight from Chicago was delayed by more than 3 h. and our friend miss flight to Landvetter 1445.
Hi am flying from Chicago to Athens with SAS.Have a 3 hour wait at Arlanda,arrive and depart terminal 5,do we have to do Security and Immigration at Arlanda or is it done at Athens,Thanks
Hello! I was just wondering where the passport control is in terminal 5? When I came last year I had a connecting flight in Denmark where I got my passport stamped and when I arrived in Arlanda, there was no passport control around to stamp my passport. This time I'm coming into Arlanda straight from Newark, NJ