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Surabaya Juanda Airport ( SUB ) Terminal Map Information

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Surabaya Juanda SUB Terminal Map


Juanda Surabaya International Airport now has two passenger terminals - T1 & T2.  While T1 now serves only domestic flights, T2 serves some domestic and mainly international flights.  

passengers should be aware that there is no longer a flight departure announcement in the terminals, and to pay attention to their departure time  listed on the boarding pass and on the overhead screens.

Transfers from T1 to T2, and  from T2 to downtown bus terminal:
- Passengers transferring from T1 to T2 can use the shuttle bus; (if walking - exit T1's arrivals hall, turn right; walk takes about 5-10 minutes).
- Air Asia's passengers may take the DAR shuttle from T2 to the Bungurasih bus terminal downtown.
- Lion Air domestic passengers will be able to make an airside transfer between the terminals, but will still need to pass immigration/ customs.  

Domestic Terminal 1 (T1) is divided into three parts - in the center of which is the Plaza with an information counter and other services surrounding it. 
- Level 1 is the Arrivals and check-in level for passengers of either 1A or 1B airline group - with an information point in the center, some shops, and the baggage claim & check-in areas for 1A & 1B airline passengers. After check-in and security check they proceed to level 2.
- Level 2 is the Departures level and offers some shops and restaurants and access to the boarding areas -  leading to gates 6 - 1 at right and 7 - 12 at left.   Executive lounges are near gates 2, 3,  9, 8 and 11.  Food & drink is available near gates 10 and 4.
NOTE:  T1' Mushalla prayer areas are located on level 1(near Pharmacy), and at level 2 (near gate 7).

International Terminal 2 (T2) serves mainly international flights, with some domestic ones. T2 is a new terminal, located at the east side of T1 & designed to acommodate up to 6M passengers a year- housing  Gates 2 to 6 and 7 to 9 - accessible from the departures level. 
- The ground level
of T2 houses both  check-in facilities with a boarding lounge, and  Arrivals facilities with baggage claim, Arrivals Hall & a Meeting point.  Gates 1 & 2 are for arriving planes. A separate gate 1 is for departing gates.
- The upper level of T2 houses separate Domestic and International departure areas, with one single access to all boarding gates 2 -9 (7, 8 & 9 are at southeast of level 2, while gates 2-6 are at north of T2.
New T2 offers 40 check-in counters, a great baggage handling system, 9 airline gates, 12 airbridges and an ample retail area with international brand names.  Among other amenities are free charging stations, nursing rooms for mothers, a land transport system with ticket automats, bus stop to the City, baby carriages, and the 'Juanda Customer Service System (see:

Transfer passengers may want to take advantage of the on-Airport Ibis Budget Hotel located near both terminals.  It had very good reviews.

A new Terminal 3 is to be constructed.