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How much to park long term for 11days in covered parking and taking train?
Is it still free for disabled veterns parking at the airport?
How much will it cost for 8 day parking in short and long term parking at the airport?
What are the cost for 5 day long term parking?
can I park in a disabled parking spot to collect disabled passenger albeit that I do not have a disabled parking permit as I am not disabled
No, you cannot.
How much would long term parking cost for a week
Only a mile outside of Tampa Airport is the A-1 Express Service, offering outdoor parking at the present rate of $7/day (plus 7% tax). It's open 24/7 & offers free shuttle service to the terminals.
To pick up a passenger at Tampa Airport, it's best to head for the Cell Phone Waiting Lot located south of the Airport Post Office. Just follow the overhead signs to guide you there. The lot has a monitor with flight information. Stay with your car until your party calls you to be picked up at the curb. Then drive to either the Red or Blue Arrival area for pickup.
A good place to park at Tampa Airport when you want to meet arriving passengers inside the terminal, is to park in the short-term parking garage, where the first hour's parking is free. Then take the elevator down to Level 3 and follow signs to the airside's airline arrival. You'll meet them after they exit the shuttle from the airside.