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Baggage claim MCO 92698M loss. I was told that it had arrived tody at 12:30 P.M. it has not arrived at our home and it is after 6:30 P. M.
Air Canada YYZ to TPA flight #1654 today - I didn't
get on flight from yyz to srq yesterday, but I did get this flight today and Air Canada put my bag through to TPA - (original baggage tag was 0014 AC128052
(zh 1632 srq) - AC did not change the tag info - but bag put on flight to TPA.

Do you have it? I didn't see it at the red zone carousel...
Will Air Canada deliver it to me if it is there?
My phone # 941-9252536

Thank you in advance!

I want to visit the Delta Sky Club before boarding a Spirit flight. As I understand it, the sky club is in Delta's gate area of TPA, whereas Spirit flights leave from a different side of the airport. Do I go through security to get to the Sky Club, then go to the Spirit side, and go through security again?
I am traveling from Tampa to Ontario and can't get an answer to which terminal to arrive at. I am Flying Delta. I know I clear customs in Tampa but don't know where to do this.
Hi: Does anyone know if I can have a wheel chair service from the entrance to Tampa Airport to Air Canada check in desk? Air Canada does not have a drop off outside the front door. Also, are there skycaps available at the entrance door to the airport? Thanks
I have wheel chair assistance ordered from air Canada for my father, but also need to drop off a rental car. Is there a door in the terminal close to where I can get wheelchair assistance and drop my father off there, then go and drop off rental car and then meet him? Thank you
Hi Jim: I can fully understand your predicament as I just went through this with my wife. When you drop off the car, the car rental people can provide a wheel chair to the airline and they in turn will provide another wheel chair. You can also drop off your father at the departure entrance and there are places where he can sit down. You can then drop off the car and meet him where you dropped him off. It would be wise to drop off your luggage with him rather than drag it to him. Unfortunately, TPA has made things worse with their new drop off garage. Be careful of the signs when returning the car. There are 3 levels and the signs are very very small. Hope this help and good luck.
I am meeting a party at TPA after flying in myself. There is about an hour between when I arrive and the other party arrives. I would like to meet them at the gate. Will Delta be able to hold my bag until I claim it about 60 to 90 minutes after my flight arrives?
Are you both flying Delta? If not then you won't be able to meet them at their gate.
I have a large suitcase that goes as high as my waist. How much would it be to check my suitcase in or can I take it as a carry on with me and if so, how much would that be? My fleight leaves at 3pm today, 11/20/17.
If I travel alone, are there people who can met me at check in stations with a wheelchair, and can they push me to my terminal?
Yes, but you have to call your airline to request wheelchair service before your trip.
My son is autistic and I am concerned about security lines and immigration lines as I know my little boy who is only 3.5 yrs old will struggle. In London Gatwick he has a lanyard to wear and we are being collected from our first part of our journey from the plane and taken the quietest route through to departures for our flight to TPA. Can you offer any assistance?