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Ihave a.4 hour layover in early hours is aNY coffee place open
Best Place in the Ted Stevens International Airport to eat, drink, watch HD sports and download free super fast wifi
Sushi On The Fly Beer Garden and Restaurant is the best place to eat, Drink, watch sports and has free super fast wifi

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We are traveling from Vancouver to Kodiak via Anchorage on Alaskan Airlines. AS91 arrives at 14:28 and AS49 leaves at 15:30 they will be on different reservations. Do we have to pick up our bags? And is this enough time to make the connection?
Show your reservation to Kodiak to the Alaska agent in Vancouver and ask that your bags be checked through to Kodiak. You will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Vancouver. If you get your bags checked through you have enough time.
This weekend, I had the great pleasure of eating at Humpy's and my server En-En was so welcoming towards my son and I. Her hospitality was impeccable, and after learning that our flight was delayed 8 hours, her kindness was very refreshing. Being in the airport business myself, it was good to know that there were exceptionally kind people working here. If you are in the area, I highly recommend this restaurant and my server! You won't be disappointed.

-Javier Vega
Waitress is very rude. Not a good place to eat after a long travel, caucasian waitress, old and rude
Chili's Too was my first experience at any Chili's restaurant, and I thought it was amazing!
The Whiskey is definitely watered down....and who ever charges almost $3 for a bar?
Horrible service. Save your time & money.
I need a map of the Restaurants at the airport I will be there for 5 hours in the early morning. I am disabled and will not be able to wonder around
You need to go to the terminal maps page