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ANC Gate Connections DISCUSSION

where is the walkway between terminals?
How long does it take to walk?
Is walking the fastest way?
Whats the cut off time to check in for your flight?
If I arrive into ANC on DL with checked bags, which I will need to retrieve and recheck on Alaska Air, with 1 Hour and 45 min connection, will that be enough time to get my bags from DL, go to Alaska counter to check bags and then go through Security in time to board my flight without having to run through the airport? Thank you
The South Terminal of Anchorage Airport has at Concourse A presently only one gate open (gate A15 for Era Aviation), while Concourse B & C have each has nine gates.
The duty-free shop is located in the center of level 2 of the North Terminal (other shops and restaurants are also available there).
The North Terminal at Anchorage Airport has the Turngain and the Denali lounge, as wel as a smoking lounge, located on the third floor.
You find two VIP lounges at the South Terminal - the Legends Lounge is near gate C1 and Alaska Airlines' Boardroom at ANC is close to Concourse C & 'InMotion Pictures'.
Anchorage Airport has a North and a South Terminal, both are connected, landside, at the baggage level. The three-level North Terminal is used for international flights.