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HND : International Terminal to Domestic Terminal 2 Sep 25, '18 Comments: 0

Tokyo Haneda Airport Gate Connections

Trying to locate information on transportation between the International Terminal and Domestic Terminal 2 in order to get to the hotel upon arrival. Thank you in advance for directing me.

HND : Smoking Area May 16, '18 Comments: 0

Tokyo Haneda Airport Layover Ideas

Is there an indoor smoking area in this airport? And if so, where?

HND : Usd to yen Apr 07, '18 Comments: 0

Tokyo Haneda Airport General Topics

What's the exchange rate at the Haneda air port $1 usd to yen?

HND : Where is Terminal M for Flight 847 to Bangkok Jan 11, '18 Comments: 1

Tokyo Haneda Airport Gate Connections

I am flying from HND Terminal M on flight 847 to Bangkok. I cannot locate Terminal M anywhere on the HND map. If I take a courtesy bus from Hotel Jal City to HND, where should I asked to be dropped off for Terminal M? Thank you.
I'm guessing that "Terminal M" is the International Terminal. What airline are you flying?

HND : traveler Sep 21, '17 Comments: 0

Tokyo Haneda Airport General Topics

where will be the best place to meet at International arrival where I am flying Delta and my wife is flying in by American Airlines arriving Tokyo 10/4/2017.

HND : International Transfer Jul 22, '17 Comments: 0

Tokyo Haneda Airport Gate Connections

my wife is traveling into HND via Delta and going to Manila via Phililipines Airline, what are the procedures to get to her next flight

HND : Domestic to International Dec 18, '16 Comments: 3

Tokyo Haneda Airport Gate Connections

I'm traveling from Naha to Haneda to Minneapolis to Madison. At Haneda, will I have to get my checked bags and recheck them?
If it's on two separate reservations, yes, you will have to claim your bags from ANA or Skymark or JAL and then take them on the Keikyu line or shuttle bus to the International Terminal and re-check them with Delta.
The reservation was made all at one time, on one transaction. The checked bags would not have to be rechecked until Minneapolis then probably? At Immigrations/customs?
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HND : First time travelling Mar 24, '12 Comments: 1

Tokyo Haneda Airport Traveler Help

I will be travelling in June and my flight will reach Haneda at 11pm. Is there any place there i can rest or take short nap as there will be no transportation at late hours? Please advice/
This is what I found:"If you need to sleep on a banquette of seats in the international terminal (as I did), try to find somewhere away from the escalators, as they repeatedly voice warning messages that can keep light sleepers awake. Lights stay on 24/7." Note that the call center (tel.. 03-6428-0888 /fax 0889) handles all airport-related inquiries, and inside information phones connect directly to it 24/7.