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YYZ : Baggage Transfer During Layover at Toronto Feb 13, '19 Comments: 0

Toronto Pearson Airport Layover Ideas

I am boarding a flight from Edmonton to Pakistan per below schedule:
1. Departure Edmonton AB airport Feb 20th by Air Canada.
2. 16 Hours Layover at Pearson Airport - Feb 20/Feb 21.
3. Depart Pearson Toronto for Pakistan by PIA - Feb 21 AN.
I want my baggage for Pakistan should be booked at Edmonton by Air Canada as I want to avoid taking it at Toronto during layover period. Will Air Canada book my baggage to destination in Pakistan?

YYZ : where do i go for US CUSTOMS Jan 21, '19 Comments: 0

Toronto Pearson Airport Gate Connections

flying Toronto to tampa. at pearson, do I go through security first and then how do I know where to go for us customs? I've never flown to the states before. thanks

YYZ : Customs question Jan 20, '19 Comments: 0

Toronto Pearson Airport Gate Connections

I am flying from Pittsburgh (USA), connecting through Toronto, then to Punta Cuna (Domincan Rep) for my final destination. My question is, do I need to go through customs when connecting through Toronto or do I just go straight to my next gate and only go through it in Punta Cuna? We have a 1 hour and 27 minute layover and I was concerned?

YYZ : US customs delays Jan 19, '19 Comments: 0

Toronto Pearson Airport Gate Connections

Is 1.5 hours enough time to clear US customs to catch a Chicago bound flight this week with the shutdown on?

YYZ : help me please Jan 04, '19 Comments: 0

Toronto Pearson Airport Traveler Help

when I land at Toronto airport where do I go to catch my next flight

YYZ : Kimberly Dec 06, '18 Comments: 0

Toronto Pearson Airport Gate Connections

Have someone flying in from Australia through Hong Kong on Saturday night - arriving 8:20pm Saturday into Terminal 1 Toronto connecting to Sudbury flight at 10:10 out of Terminal 3 - can they make it?

YYZ : Terminal 3 arrival to Greyhound at terminal 1? Dec 02, '18 Comments: 0

Toronto Pearson Airport Ground Transport

Ho long might it take to get to the greyhound bus in terminal 1 from a B gate in terminal 3?

YYZ : tel no or email address of lost and found at toronto airport Nov 16, '18 Comments: 1

Toronto Pearson Airport General Topics

Cannot find email address or tel No. in web of lost and found at Toronto airtport to enable me to contact them regarding money I left on Tim Hortons counter Terminal 3, departure level, at about 7:00 am on Thursday, Nov 8. I live in Thornhill, cannot drive, and in this bad weather today, Nov 16, would not want to personally visit the airport, Terminal 1 to Lost and found. Wish I could just contact them by email or phone call.
Want to add to comment I posted 6 minutes ago about not being able to find tel No or email address of Lost and Found at Lester Pearson airport, Toronto. I called Tim Hortons on Nov 16 upon my return to Toronto and spoke to the Manager, Mr. Chatteaji (? not sure of spelling as server was barely audible on the phone) who gave me the Lost and Found's tel No as 416-776-7751. I called the no. and got a recording that it is not in service. Either Mr. Chatteaji's tel No. for Lost and Found (L&F) is not current, or L&F does not have tel service. I did not take down the wrong no. because I repeated the tel No. to Mr. Chatteaji.

YYZ : Connecting flight Nov 02, '18 Comments: 0

Toronto Pearson Airport Gate Connections

I will be flying from Timmins to Edmonton in a few weeks with a connecting flight with the same air line in Toronto. Will I have to retrieve my bags and go through security once I get there? Also wondering how far of a walk the D gates would be from where I get off my first plane. Thank you

YYZ : canada to carribean Nov 01, '18 Comments: 1

Toronto Pearson Airport Gate Connections

I have an overnight layover in YYZ, arriving from YVR at 1900 and departing the following morning at 0800 to GCM. Do i need to collect my luggage in YYZ?
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