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I forgot my sailing magazine on the plane seat 40 h
I forgot my sailing magazine
Does anyone know if there is an actual bank inside the toronto pearson airport so I can do some banking? ATM will not do. thanks.
I have heard it is a fairly long distance from the area where international flights arrive to where you go to clear customs? How long of a walk is it and how long does it take to walk? I also have a connecting flight to Winnipeg that I believe leaves from Gate B2C. How far of a walk is that and how long do you think it will take to walk there?
Departing Vancouver with Delta and want to confirm whether I clear US customs in Vancouver or in Toronto. If in Toronto I have less than an hour to get my connecting flight.
Both flights will be operated by Westjet as Delta doesn't fly from Vancouver to Toronto or Toronto to Ft. Lauderdale. You will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Toronto.
I am flying to Winnipeg to get a connector to Jamaica, will my luggage automatically be put on my next flight ??
Yes, if both flights are on the same reservation all you have to do in Toronto on your way to Jamaica is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
I am arriving from Fredericton NB connecting to Antigua..do I have to pick up my bags and clear customs, or just follow connecting flights. I have 2 hours and arrival and departure are within T1 terminal and I am not sure how far apart the gates are to each other. Thank you
There is no Canadian Customs when leaving Canada. All you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have plenty of time.
Montreal to Toronto 7 pm flight late over an hour
Do you have a question?
I have a flight from Regina( Saskatchewan) to Miami with 6 hours stay at Pearson airport. Will My Checked bags go direct to Miami or I have to Pick them at Pearson ?
I'm fairly sure your bags will be waiting for you at US Immigration and Customs preclearance in Toronto.
Out of last two times of my flight o Miami, second time my bag were direct to Miami from Regina. I am asking this question because there is 6 hours lay over and I want to go out of the Toronto Airport. Do you think I would be able to go outside? As I mentioned, in March went travelled to Miami my bags were direct to Miami.
Then ask the agent in Regina and Toronto when you arrive.
I'm trying to figure out the customs situation. I am a US citizen. I will be flying from Dublin to Toronto then onto the USA. I've read conflicting reports that either I have to pick up my bag after clearing Customs go through security and and then re-check it. I've also read that I go to Customs and if my name appears on some screen then they have to do an additional security check. Or I just breeze right through. Does anyone know what I will be dealing with when I get to Toronto? Our layover is barely 2 hours.
If both tickets are on the same reservation you should have enough time. The exact process depends on the terminal you are flying through.
What about the luggage situation? Is that something I pick up or is that something that is possibly flagged for later?