Tips and ideas on how to best spend a layover at Toronto Pearson airport. Got a favorite quiet place to connect to wifi? A great bar or restaurant? Maybe an exhibit or a walk? Share your YYZ Airport layover experiences with others, or post a question and get notified when there is a response.


I fly UK to Fairbanks Layovers at Toronto 1h.40m. Chicago 2h5m. Do I have to go through immigration at Toronto or can it be done at Chicago. Is 1.40 enough time? AC,s website says not to collect baggage there. Will I have to collect it at Chicago, changing to United there?
I hope to connect with friends who have a 6 hour layover while travelling from U.S. to Halifax. How & where can we meet? Can we leave the airport together to go to a restaurant?--Hotel?? Thanks for your help.
Hello all, I have a layover of hrs. I am flying from Denver to Istanbul on January 24th , flight arrives at 3.30pm and next one leaves at 10.35 pm. Would you think it is enough time to go hang out in downtown and see CN tower?
I’m flying with Air Canada from Colorado to Ottawa with a layover in Toronto. Do I need to claim my luggage and then check in my again to Ottawa? Thank for the response
How do I book airport lounge in terminal 3 thanks
flying ThBay to Brownsville, Texas February 4/18, with a 2 hr layover in Toronto, will I have to pick up my luggage in Toronto or can it be checked right through to my destination. Same Airline the whole way
I am flying Halifax to Fort Lauderdale with a layover in Toronto, will I have to pick up my luggage to go through customs in Toronto?
Flying from Ottawa to Dubai with a layover in Toronto for one and a half hours. Just wondering if that's enough? Travelling via air Canada then Emirates both are Terminal 1 flights.
I'm coming from Havana 10.30 and my plane to Frankfurt leaves at 18.05. Do I even have a slight change to quick visit in Toronto city center in that time?
And both of my flights are Air Canada's flights!
If you use the UP Express it costs $12 and takes 25 minutes from Terminal 1 to downtown one-way. Pay attention to the time that you exit the customs at the airport. You will not need to re check bags in Toronto. Make sure you return to go back through E Gates security by at least 1600 and you should be fine.
Flying from BC to NS and have a 3 hr layover in TO. Hoping to meet some friends in TO on the layover. Can I leave the secured area and meet them in the main airport? If yes, how much time should I allot myself to get back through security again?