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Layover. Is that enough time to meet a Canadian friend in the airport? Or will all that time be used going through customs and going back through security again? I am an American citizen. Can I use my global entry there? I am flying United Airlines, so where would I meet this person? Thank you!
You can at your own risk. The customs process is much faster if you do not leave the secure area, however if you want to risk this you can try. Normally you would just proceed to F Gates and go straight to Security and US Customs. If you want to leave the secure zone you will have to go to Canada Customs first. Your friend could meet you at Terminal 1 international arrivals. You will have to go inside within about 90 minutes of your next flight as the F Gates security and US Customs lines are longer from the public zone than from within the secure zone. Also Americans may use the automated border kiosks for Canada and US Customs and Toronto. If you are planning to do this you will require both declaration forms.
We have a 10-hour layover in Toronto (landing at 8am and leaving around 6pm). Realistically, I'm guessing that leaves us between 9am and 3pm to leave the airport. Thought we would head into the city for lunch and a quick look around. Suggestions?
we have a 90 min lay over on a Westjet flight from NY to Belize, all with WEstjet on the same booking. Will i have to pick up the checked bag and recheck or does it go straight through?
Your bags should go straight through. You will just have to go through Canadian passport control in Toronto.
My Friend is travelling from Boston to Paris via YYZ. He arrives at YYZ at 4:05 pm and leaves at 7:35. Would he be able to come out of the secure area to meet me for a coffee and would he have time? I know he has to transit through customs--would grabbing a coffee complicate things?
It is possible. He will go through Canadian immigration when he arrives, at that point he could leave security and then come back before his flight.
I have a flight from LGW to Calgary with a 6 hr layover in Toronto. Will I be able to meet a few people at the airport for a little while and do I need to take my luggage with me or will it be sent on the next flight directly?
What airlines are you flying? If both flights are on Westjet then you will have to claim your bags to take them through Canadian customs but then can immediately re-check them at the re-check desk, then you can meet your friends. You have to head back to security a little more than an hour before your flight to Calgary.
I will be flying from calgary to Dublin Ireland with layover in Toronto. Is 1 hr and 35 min sufficient for the transfer? Also, do I go through Ireland immigration at Toronto or at Dublin?
You go through Ireland immigration and Customs in Dublin. All you have to do in Toronto is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have plenty of time.
I will be flying international from Tel Aviv to Toronto. My flight lands at 4:25 pm and my connection is at the same terminal at 5:50 headed for Chicago USA. Will this be enough time to clear us customs and make it to my connection?
Are both flights on the same reservation? What airlines are you flying?
Yes it's air Canada! Itinerary says terminal 1 for landing and connection
Then yes, that is enough time. you will proceed directly to US Immigration and Customs Preclearance upon arrival in Toronto.
I have a fligjt from Ottawa to Toronto and then a connecting flight from Toronto to Frankfurt, and layover is 1hrs. Is that sufficient for me to change the gate at terminal 1.
Yes, that is enough time.
Thanks ZAP,
Can you tell me how much minimum time required to catch the flight at Toronto airport termina 1, if I am coming from Ottawa to connecting flight to Frankfurt. If I just have to change the gate.

Please tell me.
Thanks In Advanced.
30 minutes is doable but leaves no margin for error. An hour is more comfortable.
Family traveling with three kids 10,8, and 6 from Raleigh Durham to Tokyo Japan with a 6 hour layover in Toronto. Is this enough time to leave the airport and go to the CN Tower or hockey Hall of Fame. Thanks
No, that is not realistically enough time to do that. YYZ is not close to downtown.
My friend has a layover at YYZ, he is coming from the US on route to Vancouver. We'd like to meet for a drink since I live in TO. Is there a convenient location in the airport for us to meet?