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Im flying from LAX to London, Ontario with a layover in Toronto, will i have to claim my bags in Toronto?
Most passengers coming from the US do not have to, but confirm that with Border Canada upon arrival.
I am flying from Halifax to Lima via Toronto, all with Air Canada. I have a 2h20m layover. Is this enough time?
On the way home, I only have 1h30m layover in Toronto before flying back to Halifax. Was I crazy to book these flights!?
Yes, that is definitely enough time on the way to Lima as all you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate. On the way back it's a bit tougher but you should still have plenty of time and Air Canada has lots of flights from Toronto to Halifax should you miss your connection.
Arriving in Toronto from Winnipeg. 1.24 hours layover. connecting flight to London, England. do you think its sufficient layover time? do I need to change terminal in Toronto? Do I need to collect my luggage and give it back again at international terminal
Yes, that is enough time. Toronto does not have an "International Terminal". If both flights are on the same airline you just have to walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate in Toronto.
A friend is coming in from Schipol Netherlands with a 6 hour layover in Toronto. Does she have to claim baggage or will it go straight through?
We are on our way to the Bahamas and have a 8 hour layover in Toronto, is there any place we can leave our bags, so we can go and do something in the area.
Hello. I hold a Lebanese passport. i am traveling from Costa Rica - Sjo to Frankfurt - Germany through Canada (Air Canada) on December 2016. I am not eligible for etA. Do i need a transit visa? thanks
Yes, you need a transit visa.
My neice who is an American Citizen is flying back from Switzerland and has a stop over at YYZ - Toronto Pearson. Would she be able to visit with us in the airport prior to her connecting flight back to the US?
No, she will be directed straight to US Immigration and Customs preclearance after she arrives in Toronto.
I am travelling from Vancouver to Newyork via YYZ (Toronto); At YYZ i have a layover of 13 hours and during which i want to come out of the airport and collect my luggage from relatives and get back in, is this possible?
Yes, you can do that.
sorry, I read that backwards. Is your layover overnight or during the day? Are both flights on the same reservation? What airlines are you flying?
Hi there, flying dublin to vegas in Dececmber and have a 9 hour layover in Toronto. Can I leave the airport? Want to explore some of Toronto while so near!! Thanks :)
If both tickets are on the same reservation, then your bags will go straight to US Immigration and Customs Preclearance in Toronto, after you go through preclearance you will not be able to leave.
Aw that's a pity! Thanks so much though
My friend and family are traveling from Calgary to YYZ with a layover for 3.5 hours and then travel to Cuba. Is it possible for them to have breakfast with me before leaving to Cuba. Flights are on Westjet. Tx What about Customs/Security?
There is no Canadian Immigration when leaving Canada. They just have to leave the secure area to meet you, then go back through security before their flight to Cuba.