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We have a flight from US to Victoria and will be arriving in Toronto. But we have a 6 hr layover before our flight to Victoria. We would like to meet some friends in the airport outside of security. Would we have to pick up our luggage and then recheck it again?
I believe Canada is no longer requiring passengers coming from the US to pick up their baggage when entering Canada.
Hi! Am travelling from St. john (NB) going to MAnila (MNL) via Air Canada. We are connecting flights in Toronto and change to Cathay Pacific. There is a 4hr lay over. Is it possible for me to meet my sister at the airport or passenger waiting area or we are not allowed? Thank you!
Yes, you can exit the secure area in Toronto to meet your sister. She cannot go through security to meet you.
We are flying from the US to Toronto and have an 8 hour layover before Dublin flight. We would like to explore Toronto for a few hours. Will that be a problem and suggestions for an afternoon in Toronto?
Thank you! Looking forward to visiting Toronto even for a short while. Will we need to move our checked bags or will they be transferred automatically? Thanks
What airline(s) are you travelling with?
Air Canada
My wife and I are arriving at 2.45pm on Air Canada, our next flight is at 6.55pm to Vegas on Air Canada Rouge. Can we go out the airport, and come back just before our flight
No, not really, since you're transiting to the US you're expected to go straight to US Departures to go through US Immigration and Customs preclearance and not to go to Canadian immigration.
Hi zap
even if we have a ETA, we are both smokers, so at least if we can go out and have a smoke or two and come back later, or is it a non starter
Your baggage will be in the connection preclearance. If you don't go there then your bags may not go with you on the next flight.
My wife and I arrive from Heathrow on Air Canada at 2.45 pm, our next flight on Air canada Rouge is at 6.55pm to Vegas, can we go out of the airport and come back later
im travelling with my mom who is 74 years old requiring special assistance, we have 2 hours to take our next flight from yyz to indianapolis. will there be enough time for us to catch our next flight?
Where are you flying into YYZ from? What airlines are you flying? Is everything on the same reservation?
I am travelling from YUL to Atlanta via YYZ. Immigration preclearance from Montreal or YYZ? If at YYZ do I have to collect my bags at YYZ? Beacause there is only 70 mins lay over in between flight at toronto
Preclearance will be in Toronto. You will have to claim your bags there. You should have enough time.
My flight arrives from Sask at midnight, and then I depart at 6:20 am. no sense getting a hotel, but can I get through get in/Us customs and if not ideas to spend 5 hours ??
US Customs preclearance probably won't open until 4:30 or 5:00 AM. Just try to take a nap wherever you can http://www.sleepinginairports.net/northamerica/toronto-airport.htm
We have a 22:45 arrival into Toronto in April and don't leave until 7:55 on a conecting flight. By the time we claim baggae and clear customs it is hardly worth getting a room. Is there any suggestions or longes open through the night at Pearson?
Airline Lounges at Toronto Pearson Airport: Star Alliance, Skyteam and Oneworld member airlines maintain lounges inside the passenger terminals, which are accessible to their preferred customers and holders of certain elite cards; however there are also several 'pay-in' lounges, accessible by all passengers, regardless of status and airline.
1. Terminal 1 has 3 Maple Leaf Lounges accessible to certain Star Alliance customers and located in the following areas: (a) International level 3, Node F; (b) International / USA, level 4, Node F; and (c) Domestic.
2. Terminal 3 has (a) the American Airlines Admirals Club, British Airways' Galleries Club and Galleries First lounges – all three accessible by certain OneWorld customers; (b) the KLM Crown Lounge, accessible by certain Skyteam customers, and (c) the Plaza Premium Lounge, a pay-in lounge accessible to all passengers.
We have an overnight layover and would like to store some of our luggage...can we contact the appropriate facility to inquire about location, costs etc.?